Miscellaneous Writings (1883-1896) by Mary Baker Eddy
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Miscellaneous Writings (1883-1896) by Mary Baker Eddy
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Miscellaneous Writings (1883-1896) by Mary Baker Eddy

Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science
and Author of Science and Health
with Key to the Scriptures

in this and every land

I lovingly dedicate these practical teachings
indispensible to the culture and achivements which
constitute the success of a student
and demonstrate the ethics
of Christian Science.


       Pray thee, take care, that tak'st my book in hand,
       To read it well; that is, to understand.
                                        Ben Jonson: Epigram 1

       When I would know thee . . . my thought looks
       Upon thy well made choice of friends and books;
       Then do I love thee, and behold thy ends
       In making thy friends books, and thy books friends.
                                        Ben Jonson: Epigram 86

       If worlds were formed by matter,
          And mankind from the dust;
       Till time shall end more timely,
          There's nothing here to trust.

       Thenceforth to evolution's
          Geology, we say, -
       Nothing have we gained therefrom,
          And nothing have to pray:

       My world has sprung from Spirit,
          In everlasting day;
       Whereof, I've more to glory,
          Wherefor, have much to pay.
                     Mary Baker Eddy


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