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and to suit and savor all literature.  The shuttlecock of
religious intolerance will fall to the ground, if there be
no battledores to fling it back and forth.  It is reason for
rejoicing that the vox populi is inclined to grant us peace,
together with pardon for the preliminary battles that
purchased it.
   With tender tread, thought sometimes walks in memory,
through the dim corridors of years, on to old battlegrounds,
there sadly to survey the fields of the slain and
the enemy's losses.  In compiling this work, I have tried

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to remove the pioneer signs and ensigns of war, and to
retain at this date the privileged armaments of peace.
   With armor on, I continue the march, command and
countermand; meantime interluding with loving thought
this afterpiece of battle.  Supported, cheered, I take my
pen and pruning-hook, to "learn war no more," and with
strong wing to lift my readers above the smoke of conflict
into light and liberty.
                                        Mary Baker Eddy
  Concord, N. H.
  January, 1897


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