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   At this date, 1883, a newspaper edited and published
by the Christian Scientists has become a necessity.  Many
questions important to be disposed of come to the College
and to the practising students, yet but little time
has been devoted to their answer.  Further enlightenment
is necessary for the age, and a periodical devoted
to this work seems alone adequate to meet the
requirement.  Much interest is awakened and expressed
on the subject of metaphysical healing, but in many
minds it is confounded with isms, and even infidelity, so
that its religious specialty and the vastness of its worth
are not understood.
   It is often said, "You must have a very strong will-power
to heal," or, "It must require a great deal of faith
to make your demonstrations."  When it is answered
that there is no will-power required, and that something
more than faith is necessary, we meet with an expression
of incredulity.  It is not alone the mission of Christian
Science to heal the sick, but to destroy sin in mortal


thought.  This work well done will elevate and purify
the race.  It cannot fail to do this if we devote our best
energies to the work.
   Science reveals man as spiritual, harmonious, and
eternal.  This should be understood.  Our College should
be crowded with students who are willing to consecrate
themselves to this Christian work.  Mothers should be
able to produce perfect health and perfect morals in their
children - and ministers, to heal the sick - by studying
this scientific method of practising Christianity.
Many say, "I should like to study, but have not sufficient
faith that I have the power to heal."  The healing
power is Truth and Love, and these do not fail in the
greatest emergencies.
   Materia medica says, "I can do no more.  I have
done all that can be done.  There is nothing to build
upon.  There is no longer any reason for hope."  Then
metaphysics comes in, armed with the power of Spirit,
not matter, takes up the case hopefully and builds on
the stone that the builders have rejected, and is successful.

   Metaphysical therapeutics can seem a miracle and a
mystery to those only who do not understand the grand
reality that Mind controls the body.  They acknowledge
an erring or mortal mind, but believe it to be brain
matter.  That man is the idea of infinite Mind, always perfect
in God, in Truth, Life, and Love, is something not easily
accepted, weighed down as is mortal thought with material
beliefs.  That which never existed, can seem solid
substance to this thought.  It is much easier for people
to believe that the body affects the mind, than that the
mind affects the body.


   We hear from the pulpits that sickness is sent as a
discipline to bring man nearer to God, - even though
sickness often leaves mortals but little time free from
complaints and fretfulness, and Jesus cast out disease as
   The most of our Christian Science practitioners have
plenty to do, and many more are needed for the advancement
of the age.  At present the majority of the
acute cases are given to the M. D.'s, and only those
cases that are pronounced incurable are passed over to
the Scientist.  The healing of such cases should certainly
prove to all minds the power of metaphysics over
physics; and it surely does, to many thinkers, as the
rapid growth of the work shows.  At no distant day,
Christian healing will rank far in advance of allopathy
and homoeopathy; for Truth must ultimately succeed

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