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in the interest of both good and evil in a manner least
understood; hence the need of watching, and the danger
of yielding to temptation from causes that at former
periods in human history were not existent.  The action
and effects of this so-called human mind in its silent arguments,
are yet to be uncovered and summarily dealt with
by divine justice.
   In Christian Science, the law of Love rejoices the heart;
and Love is Life and Truth.  Whatever manifests aught
else in its effects upon mankind, demonstrably is not Love.
We should measure our love for God by our love for man;
and our sense of Science will be measured by our obedience
to God, - fulfilling the law of Love, doing good to all;
imparting, so far as we reflect them, Truth, Life, and Love
to all within the radius of our atmosphere of thought.


   The only justice of which I feel at present capable,
is mercy and charity toward every one, - just so far as
one and all permit me to exercise these sentiments toward
them, - taking special care to mind my own business.
   The falsehood, ingratitude, misjudgment, and sharp
return of evil for good - yea, the real wrongs (if wrong
can be real) which I have long endured at the hands of
others - have most happily wrought out for me the law
of loving mine enemies.  This law I now urge upon the
solemn consideration of all Christian Scientists.  Jesus
said, "If ye love them which love you, what thank have
ye? for sinners also love those that love them."

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