Miscellaneous Writings (1883-1896) by Mary Baker Eddy
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Chapter II - One Cause and Effect
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census since 1875 (the date of the first publication of
my work, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures")
shows that longevity has increased.  Daily letters
inform me that a perusal of my volume is healing the
writers of chronic and acute diseases that had defied medical
   Surely the people of the Occident know that esoteric
magic and Oriental barbarisms will neither flavor Christianity
nor advance health and length of days.
   Miracles are no infraction of God's laws; on the
contrary, they fulfil His laws; for they are the signs following
Christianity, whereby matter is proven powerless
and subordinate to Mind.  Christians, like students
in mathematics, should be working up to those higher
rules of Life which Jesus taught and proved.  Do we


really understand the divine Principle of Christianity
before we prove it, in at least some feeble demonstration
thereof, according to Jesus' example in healing the
sick?  Should we adopt the "simple addition" in Christian
Science and doubt its higher rules, or despair of
ultimately reaching them, even though failing at first to
demonstrate all the possibilities of Christianity?
   St. John spiritually discerned and revealed the sum
total of transcendentalism.  He saw the real earth and
heaven.  They were spiritual, not material; and they
were without pain, sin, or death.  Death was not the
door to this heaven.  The gates thereof he declared were
inlaid with pearl, - likening them to the priceless understanding
of man's real existence, to be recognized here
and now.
   The great Way-shower illustrated Life unconfined, uncontaminated,
untrammelled, by matter.  He proved the
superiority of Mind over the flesh, opened the door to
the captive, and enabled man to demonstrate the law of
Life, which St. Paul declares "hath made me free from
the law of sin and death."
   The stale saying that Christian Science "is neither
Christian nor science!" is to-day the fossil of wisdomless
wit, weakness, and superstition.  "The fool hath
said in his heart, There is no God."
   Take courage, dear reader, for any seeming mysticism
surrounding realism is explained in the Scripture,
"There went up a mist from the earth atter];" and
the mist of materialism will vanish as we approach spirituality,
the realm of reality; cleanse our lives in Christ's
righteousness; bathe in the baptism of Spirit, and awake
in His likeness.


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