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Chapter III - Questions and Answers
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Chapter III - Questions and Answers

   What do you consider to be mental malpractice?

   Mental malpractice is a bland denial of Truth,
and is the antipode of Christian Science.  To
mentally argue in a manner that can disastrously
affect the happiness of a fellow-being - harm him
morally, physically, or spiritually - breaks the Golden
Rule and subverts the scientific laws of being.  This,
therefore, is not the use but the abuse of mental treatment,
and is mental malpractice.  It is needless to
say that such a subversion of right is not scientific.  Its
claim to power is in proportion to the faith in evil, and
consequently to the lack of faith in good.  Such false
faith finds no place in, and receives no aid from, the
Principle or the rules of Christian Science; for it denies
the grand verity of this Science, namely, that God, good,
has all power.
   This leaves the individual no alternative but to relinquish
his faith in evil, or to argue against his own
convictions of good and so destroy his power to be or
to do good, because he has no faith in the omnipotence
of God, good.  He parts with his understanding of good,
in order to retain his faith in evil and so succeed with his


wrong argument, - if indeed he desires success in this
broad road to destruction.

   How shall we demean ourselves towards the students
of disloyal students? And what about that clergyman's
remarks on "Christ and Christmas"?

   From this question, I infer that some of my students
seem not to know in what manner they should act towards
the students of false teachers, or such as have strayed
from the rules and divine Principle of Christian Science.
The query is abnormal, when "precept upon precept;
line upon line" are to be found in the Scriptures, and in
my books, on this very subject.
   In Mark, ninth chapter, commencing at the thirty-third
verse, you will find my views on this subject; love
alone is admissible towards friend and foe.  My sympathies
extend to the above-named class of students more
than to many others.  If I had the time to talk with all
students of Christian Science, and correspond with them,
I would gladly do my best towards helping those unfortunate
seekers after Truth whose teacher is straying
from the straight and narrow path.  But I have not moments
enough in which to give to my own flock all the
time and attention that they need, - and charity must
begin at home.
   Distinct denominational and social organizations and
societies are at present necessary for the individual,
and for our Cause.  But all people can and should be
just, merciful; they should never envy, elbow, slander,
hate, or try to injure, but always should try to bless their
   To the query in regard to some clergyman's comments

MISC 33:
on my illustrated poem, I will say:  It is the righteous
prayer that avails with God.  Whatever is wrong will
receive its own reward.  The high priests of old caused
the crucifixion of even the great Master; and thereby
they lost, and he won, heaven.  I love all ministers and
ministries of Christ, Truth.
   All clergymen may not understand the illustrations
in "Christ and Christmas;" or that these refer not to
personality, but present the type and shadow of Truth's
appearing in the womanhood as well as in the manhood
of God, our divine Father and Mother.

   Must I have faith in Christian Science in order to be

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