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Chapter III - Questions and Answers
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healed by it?

   This is a question that is being asked every day.  It
has not proved impossible to heal those who, when they
began treatment, had no faith whatever in the Science,
- other than to place themselves under my care, and
follow the directions given.  Patients naturally gain confidence
in Christian Science as they recognize the help
they derive therefrom.

   What are the advantages of your system of healing, over
the ordinary methods of healing disease?

   Healing by Christian Science has the following advantages: -

   First: It does away with all material medicines, and
recognizes the fact that, as mortal mind is the cause of
all "the ills that flesh is heir to," the antidote for sickness,
as well as for sin, may and must be found in mortal mind's
opposite, - the divine Mind.
   Second: It is more effectual than drugs; curing where


these fail, and leaving none of the harmful "after effects"
of these in the system; thus proving that metaphysics
is above physics.
   Third: One who has been healed by Christian Science
is not only healed of the disease, but is improved
morally.  The body is governed by mind; and mortal
mind must be improved, before the body is renewed
and harmonious, - since the physique is simply thought
made manifest.

   Is spiritualism or mesmerism included in Christian

   They are wholly apart from it.  Christian Science is
based on divine Principle; whereas spiritualism, so far
as I understand it, is a mere speculative opinion and
human belief.  If the departed were to communicate
with us, we should see them as they were before death,
and have them with us; after death, they can no more
come to those they have left, than we, in our present state
of existence, can go to the departed or the adult can return
to his boyhood.  We may pass on to their state
of existence, but they cannot return to ours.  Man is
im-mortal, and there is not a moment when he ceases to
exist.  All that are called "communications from spirits,"
lie within the realm of mortal thought on this present plane
of existence, and are the antipodes of Christian Science;
the immortal and mortal are as direct opposites as light
and darkness.

   Who is the Founder of mental healing?

   The author of "Science and Health with Key to the
Scriptures," who discovered the Science of healing embodied


in her works.  Years of practical proof, through
homoeopathy, revealed to her the fact that Mind, instead
of matter, is the Principle of pathology; and
subsequently her recovery, through the supremacy of
Mind over matter, from a severe casualty pronounced
by the physicians incurable, sealed that proof with the
signet of Christian Science.  In 1883, a million of people
acknowledge and attest the blessings of this mental
system of treating disease.  Perhaps the following
words of her husband, the late Dr. Asa G. Eddy,
afford the most concise, yet complete, summary of the
matter: -
   "Mrs. Eddy's works are the outgrowths of her life.
I never knew so unselfish an individual."

   Will the book Science and Health, that you offer for sale
at three dollars, teach its readers to heal the sick, - or is
one obliged to become a student under your personal instruction?
And if one is obliged to study under you, of

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