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Chapter III - Questions and Answers
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what benefit is your book?

   Why do we read the Bible, and then go to church to
hear it expounded?  Only because both are important.
Why do we read moral science, and then study it at
   You are benefited by reading Science and Health, but
it is greatly to your advantage to be taught its Science
by the author of that work, who explains it in detail.

   What is immortal Mind?

   In reply, we refer you to "Science and Health with
Key to the Scriptures,"*1 Vol. I. page 14: "That which

*1 From the sixth edition.


is erring, sinful, sick, and dying, termed material or
mortal man, is neither God's man nor Mind; but to be
understood, we shall classify evil and error as mortal
mind, in contradistinction to good and Truth, or the
Mind which is immortal."

   Do animals and beasts have a mind?

   Beasts, as well as men, express Mind as their origin;
but they manifest less of Mind.  The first and only
cause is the eternal Mind, which is God, and there is
but one God.  The ferocious mind seen in the beast is
mortal mind, which is harmful and proceeds not from
God; for His beast is the lion that lieth down with
the lamb.  Appetites, passions, anger, revenge, subtlety,
are the animal qualities of sinning mortals; and the
beasts that have these propensities express the lower
qualities of the so-called animal man; in other words,
the nature and quality of mortal mind, - not immortal

   What is the distinction between mortal mind and immortal

   Mortal mind includes all evil, disease, and death;
also, all beliefs relative to the so-called material laws,
and all material objects, and the law of sin and death.
   The Scripture says, "The carnal mind n other words,
mortal mind] is enmity against God; for it is not subject
to the law of God, neither indeed can be."  Mortal
mind is an illusion; as much in our waking moments
as in the dreams of sleep.  The belief that intelligence,
Truth, and Love, are in matter and separate from God,
is an error; for there is no intelligent evil, and no power


besides God, good.  God would not be omnipotent if
there were in reality another mind creating or governing
man or the universe.
   Immortal Mind is God; and this Mind is made
manifest in all thoughts and desires that draw mankind
toward purity, health, holiness, and the spiritual
facts of being.
   Jesus recognized this relation so clearly that he said,
"I and my Father are one."  In proportion as we oppose
the belief in material sense, in sickness, sin, and death,
and recognize ourselves under the control of God,
spiritual and immortal Mind, shall we go on to leave the
animal for the spiritual, and learn the meaning of those
words of Jesus, "Go ye into all the world . . . heal the

   Can your Science cure intemperance?

   Christian Science lays the axe at the root of the tree.
Its antidote for all ills is God, the perfect Mind, which
corrects mortal thought, whence cometh all evil.  God
can and does destroy the thought that leads to moral
or physical death.  Intemperance, impurity, sin of every
sort, is destroyed by Truth.  The appetite for alcohol
yields to Science as directly and surely as do sickness
and sin.

   Does Mrs. Eddy take patients?

   She now does not.  Her time is wholly devoted to instruction,
leaving to her students the work of healing;

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