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Chapter III - Questions and Answers
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which, at this hour, is in reality the least difficult of the
labor that Christian Science demands.


   Why do you charge for teaching Christian Science, when
all the good we can do must be done freely?

   When teaching imparts the ability to gain and maintain
health, to heal and elevate man in every line of
life, - as this teaching certainly does, - is it unreasonable
to expect in return something to support
one's self and a Cause?  If so, our whole system
of education, secular and religious, is at fault, and the
instructors and philanthropists in our land should expect
no compensation.  "If we have sown unto you
spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your
carnal things?"

   How happened you to establish a college to instruct in
metaphysics, when other institutions find little interest in
such a dry and abstract subject?

   Metaphysics, as taught by me at the Massachusetts
Metaphysical College, is far from dry and abstract.  It
is a Science that has the animus of Truth.  Its practical
application to benefit the race, heal the sick, enlighten
and reform the sinner, makes divine metaphysics needful,
indispensable.  Teaching metaphysics at other colleges
means, mainly, elaborating a man-made theory,
or some speculative view too vapory and hypothetical
for questions of practical import.

   Is it necessary to study your Science in order to be healed
by it and keep well?

   It is not necessary to make each patient a student
in order to cure his present disease, if this is what
you mean.  Were it so, the Science would be of less


practical value.  Many who apply for help are not
prepared to take a course of instruction in Christian
   To avoid being subject to disease, would require the
understanding of how you are healed.  In 1885, this
knowledge can be obtained in its genuineness at the
Massachusetts Metaphysical College.  There are abroad
at this early date some grossly incorrect and false
teachers of what they term Christian Science; of such
beware.  They have risen up in a day to make this claim;
whereas the Founder of genuine Christian Science has
been all her years in giving it birth.

   Can you take care of yourself?

   God giveth to every one this puissance; and I have
faith in His promise, "Lo, I am with you alway" -
all the way.  Unlike the M. D.'s, Christian Scientists
are not afraid to take their own medicine, for this
medicine is divine Mind; and from this saving, exhaustless
source they intend to fill the human mind with
enough of the leaven of Truth to leaven the whole lump.
There may be exceptional cases, where one Christian
Scientist who has more to meet than others needs support
at times; then, it is right to bear "one another's burdens,
and so fulfil the law of Christ."

   In what way is a Christian Scientist an instrument by
which God reaches others to heal them, and what most
obstructs the way?

   A Christian, or a Christian Scientist, assumes no more
when claiming to work with God in healing the sick,
than in converting the sinner.  Divine help is as necessary


in the one case as in the other.  The scientific Principle
of healing demands such cooperation; but this
unison and its power would be arrested if one were to

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