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Chapter III - Questions and Answers
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mix material methods with the spiritual, - were to mingle
hygienic rules, drugs, and prayers in the same process,
- and thus serve "other gods."  Truth is as
effectual in destroying sickness as in the destruction
of sin.
   It is often asked, "If Christian Science is the same
method of healing that Jesus and the apostles used,
why do not its students perform as instantaneous cures
as did those in the first century of the Christian era?"
   In some instances the students of Christian Science
equal the ancient prophets as healers.  All true healing
is governed by, and demonstrated on, the same Principle
as theirs; namely, the action of the divine Spirit,
through the power of Truth to destroy error, discord
of whatever sort.  The reason that the same results follow
not in every case, is that the student does not in
every case possess sufficiently the Christ-spirit and its
power to cast out the disease.  The Founder of Christian
Science teaches her students that they must possess
the spirit of Truth and Love, must gain the power
over sin in themselves, or they cannot be instantaneous
   In this Christian warfare the student or practitioner
has to master those elements of evil too common to other
minds.  If it is hate that is holding the purpose to kill
his patient by mental means, it requires more divine
understanding to conquer this sin than to nullify either
the disease itself or the ignorance by which one unintentionally
harms himself or another.  An element of


brute-force that only the cruel and evil can send forth, is
given vent in the diabolical practice of one who, having
learned the power of liberated thought to do good, perverts
it, and uses it to accomplish an evil purpose.  This
mental malpractice would disgrace Mind-healing, were it
not that God overrules it, and causes "the wrath of man"
to praise Him.  It deprives those who practise it of the
power to heal, and destroys their own possibility of
   The honest student of Christian Science is purged
through Christ, Truth, and thus is ready for victory in
the ennobling strife.  The good fight must be fought by
those who keep the faith and finish their course.  Mental
purgation must go on:  it promotes spiritual growth,
scales the mountain of human endeavor, and gains the
summit in Science that otherwise could not be reached,
- where the struggle with sin is forever done.

   Can all classes of disease be healed by your method?

   We answer, Yes.  Mind is the architect that builds
its own idea, and produces all harmony that appears.
There is no other healer in the case.  If mortal mind,
through the action of fear, manifests inflammation and a
belief of chronic or acute disease, by removing the cause
in that so-called mind the effect or disease will disappear
and health will be restored; for health, alias harmony,
is the normal manifestation of man in Science.  The
divine Principle which governs the universe, including
man, if demonstrated, is sufficient for all emergencies.
But the practitioner may not always prove equal to
bringing out the result of the Principle that he knows to
be true.


   After the change called death takes place, do we meet
those gone before? - or does life continue in thought only
as in a dream?

   Man is not annihilated, nor does he lose his identity,
by passing through the belief called death.  After the
momentary belief of dying passes from mortal mind, this
mind is still in a conscious state of existence; and the individual

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