Miscellaneous Writings (1883-1896) by Mary Baker Eddy
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Chapter III - Questions and Answers
page 27

every case of disease, when conducted by one who understands
this Science sufficiently to demonstrate its
highest possibilities.

   If I have the toothache, and nothing stops it until I
have the tooth extracted, and then the pain ceases, has
the mind, or extracting, or both, caused the pain to

   What you thought was pain in the bone or nerve, could
only have been a belief of pain in matter; for matter
has no sensation.  It was a state of mortal thought made
manifest in the flesh.  You call this body matter, when
awake, or when asleep in a dream.  That matter can report
pain, or that mind is in matter, reporting sensations,
is but a dream at all times.  You believed that if
the tooth were extracted, the pain would cease:  this demand
of mortal thought once met, your belief assumed
a new form, and said, There is no more pain.  When
your belief in pain ceases, the pain stops; for matter
has no intelligence of its own.  By applying this mental
remedy or antidote directly to your belief, you scientifically


prove the fact that Mind is supreme.  This is not
done by will-power, for that is not Science but mesmerism.
The full understanding that God is Mind, and that matter
is but a belief, enables you to control pain.  Christian
Science, by means of its Principle of metaphysical
healing, is able to do more than to heal a toothache;
although its power to allay fear, prevent inflammation,
and destroy the necessity for ether - thereby avoiding
the fatal results that frequently follow the use of that
drug - render this Science invaluable in the practice
of dentistry.

   Can an atheist or a profane man be cured by metaphysics,
or Christian Science?

   The moral status of the man demands the remedy of
Truth more in this than in most cases; therefore, under
the deific law that supply invariably meets demand, this
Science is effectual in treating moral ailments.  Sin is
not the master of divine Science, but vice versa; and
when Science in a single instance decides the conflict,
the patient is better both morally and physically.

   If God made all that was made, and it was good, where
did evil originate?

   It never originated or existed as an entity.  It is but a
false belief; even the belief that God is not what the
Scriptures imply Him to be, All-in-all, but that there
is an opposite intelligence or mind termed evil.  This
error of belief is idolatry, having "other gods before me."
In John i. 3 we read, "All things were made by Him;
and without Him was not anything made that was made."


The admission of the reality of evil perpetuates the belief
or faith in evil.  The Scriptures declare, "To whom ye
yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are."
The leading self-evident proposition of Christian Science
is: good being real, evil, good's opposite, is unreal.  This
truism needs only to be tested scientifically to be found
true, and adapted to destroy the appearance of evil to an
extent beyond the power of any doctrine previously

   Do you teach that you are equal with God?

   A reader of my writings would not present this
question.  There are no such indications in the premises or
conclusions of Christian Science, and such a misconception
of Truth is not scientific.  Man is not equal with
his Maker; that which is formed is not cause, but effect,

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