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Chapter III - Questions and Answers
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at this period.

   Was ever a person made insane by studying

   Such an occurrence would be impossible, for the
proper study of Mind-healing would cure the insane.
That persons have gone away from the Massachusetts
Metaphysical College "made insane by Mrs. Eddy's
teachings," like a hundred other stories, is a baseless
fabrication offered solely to injure her or her school.
The enemy is trying to make capital out of the following


case.  A young lady entered the College class who,
I quickly saw, had a tendency to monomania, and requested
her to withdraw before its close.  We are credibly
informed that, before entering the College, this
young lady had manifested some mental unsoundness,
and have no doubt she could have been restored by
Christian Science treatment.  Her friends employed a
homoeopathist, who had the skill and honor to state, as his
opinion given to her friends, that "Mrs. Eddy's teachings
had not produced insanity."  This is the only case
that could be distorted into the claim of insanity ever
having occurred in a class of Mrs. Eddy's; while acknowledged
and notable cases of insanity have been
cured in her class.

   If all that is mortal is a dream or error, is not
our capacity for formulating a dream, real; is it not
God-made; and if God-made, can it be wrong, sinful, or
an error?

   The spirit of Truth leads into all truth, and enables
man to discern between the real and the unreal.  Entertaining
the common belief in the opposite of goodness,
and that evil is as real as good, opposes the leadings of
the divine Spirit that are helping man Godward:  it prevents
a recognition of the nothingness of the dream, or
belief, that Mind is in matter, intelligence in non-intelligence,
sin, and death.  This belief presupposes not
only a power opposed to God, and that God is not All-in-all,
as the Scriptures imply Him to be, but that the
capacity to err proceeds from God.
   That God is Truth, the Scriptures aver; that Truth
never created error, or such a capacity, is self-evident;


that God made all that was made, is again Scriptural;
therefore your answer is, that error is an illusion of
mortals; that God is not its author, and it cannot be

   Does "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures"
explain the entire method of metaphysical healing, or is
there a secret back of what is contained in that book, as
some say?

   "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures"
is a complete textbook of Christian Science; and its
metaphysical method of healing is as lucid in presentation
as can be possible, under the necessity to express
the metaphysical in physical terms.  There is absolutely
no additional secret outside of its teachings, or that gives
one the power to heal; but it is essential that the student
gain the spiritual understanding of the contents of this
book, in order to heal.

   Do you believe in change of heart?

   We do believe, and understand - which is more -
that there must be a change from human affections, desires,
and aims, to the divine standard, "Be ye therefore
perfect;" also, that there must be a change from the belief
that the heart is matter and sustains life, to the
understanding that God is our Life, that we exist in
Mind, live thereby, and have being.  This change of
heart would deliver man from heart-disease, and advance

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