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Chapter III - Questions and Answers
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Christianity a hundredfold.  The human affections
need to be changed from self to benevolence and love
for God and man; changed to having but one God and
loving Him supremely, and helping our brother man.


This change of heart is essential to Christianity, and
will have its effect physically as well as spiritually,
healing disease.  Burnt offerings and drugs, God does
not require.

   Is a belief of nervousness, accompanied by great mental
depression, mesmerism?

   All mesmerism is of one of three kinds; namely, the
ignorant, the fraudulent, or the malicious workings of
error or mortal mind.  We have not the particulars of
the case to which you may refer, and for this reason cannot
answer your question professionally.

   How can I govern a child metaphysically? Doesn't the
use of the rod teach him life in matter?

   The use of the rod is virtually a declaration to the
child's mind that sensation belongs to matter.  Motives
govern acts, and Mind governs man.  If you make clear
to the child's thought the right motives for action, and
cause him to love them, they will lead him aright:  if you
educate him to love God, good, and obey the Golden
Rule, he will love and obey you without your having to
resort to corporeal punishment.

      "When from the lips of Truth one mighty breath
      Shall, like a whirlwind, scatter in its breeze
      The whole dark pile of human mockeries;
      Then shall the reign of Mind commence on earth,
      And starting fresh, as from a second birth,
      Man in the sunshine of the world's new spring,
      Shall walk transparent like some holy thing."

   Are both prayer and drugs necessary to heal?

   The apostle James said, "Ye ask, and receive not,
because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your


lusts."  This text may refer to such as seek the material
to aid the spiritual, and take drugs to support God's
power to heal them.  It is difficult to say how much
one can do for himself, whose faith is divided between
catnip and Christ; but not so difficult to know
that if he were to serve one master, he could do vastly
more.  Whosoever understands the power of Spirit, has
no doubt of God's power, - even the might of Truth, -
to heal, through divine Science, beyond all human means
and methods.

   What do you think of marriage?

   That it is often convenient, sometimes pleasant, and
occasionally a love affair.  Marriage is susceptible of
many definitions.  It sometimes presents the most
wretched condition of human existence.  To be normal,
it must be a union of the affections that tends to lift
mortals higher.

   If this life is a dream not dispelled, but only changed,
by death, - if one gets tired of it, why not commit

   Man's existence is a problem to be wrought in divine
Science.  What progress would a student of science
make, if, when tired of mathematics or failing to demonstrate
one rule readily, he should attempt to work
out a rule farther on and more difficult - and this,
because the first rule was not easily demonstrated?  In
that case he would be obliged to turn back and work
out the previous example, before solving the advanced

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