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Chapter III - Questions and Answers
page 31

problem.  Mortals have the sum of being to work out,
and up, to its spiritual standpoint.  They must work


out of this dream or false claim of sensation and life
in matter, and up to the spiritual realities of existence,
before this false claim can be wholly dispelled.  Committing
suicide to dodge the question is not working
it out.  The error of supposed life and intelligence in
matter, is dissolved only as we master error with Truth.
Not through sin or suicide, but by overcoming temptation
and sin, shall we escape the weariness and wickedness
of mortal existence, and gain heaven, the harmony
of being.

   Do you sometimes find it advisable to use medicine to
assist in producing a cure, when it is difficult to start the
patient's recovery?

   You only weaken your power to heal through Mind,
by any compromise with matter; which is virtually acknowledging
that under difficulties the former is not equal
to the latter.  He that resorts to physics, seeks what is
below instead of above the standard of metaphysics;
showing his ignorance of the meaning of the term and
of Christian Science.

   If Christian Science is the same as Jesus taught, why is
it not more simple, so that all can readily understand it?

   The teachings of Jesus were simple; and yet he found
it difficult to make the rulers understand, because of
their great lack of spirituality.  Christian Science is
simple, and readily understood by the children; only
the thought educated away from it finds it abstract or
difficult to perceive.  Its seeming abstraction is the
mystery of godliness; and godliness is simple to the
godly; but to the unspiritual, the ungodly, it is dark


and difficult.  The carnal mind cannot discern spiritual

   Has Mrs. Eddy lost her power to heal?

   Has the sun forgotten to shine, and the planets to
revolve around it?  Who is it that discovered, demonstrated,
and teaches Christian Science?  That one,
whoever it be, does understand something of what cannot
be lost.  Thousands in the field of metaphysical
healing, whose lives are worthy testimonials, are her
students, and they bear witness to this fact.  Instead
of losing her power to heal, she is demonstrating the
power of Christian Science over all obstacles that envy
and malice would fling in her path.  The reading of her
book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,"
is curing hundreds at this very time; and the sick, unasked,
are testifying thereto.

   Must I study your Science in order to keep well all my
life? I was healed of a chronic trouble after one month's
treatment by one of your students.

   When once you are healed by Science, there is no reason
why you should be liable to a return of the disease
that you were healed of.  But not to be subject again to
any disease whatsoever, would require an understanding
of the Science by which you were healed.

   Because none of your students have been able to perform
as great miracles in healing as Jesus and his disciples did,
does it not suggest the possibility that they do not heal on
the same basis?

   You would not ask the pupil in simple equations to
solve a problem involving logarithms; and then, because


he failed to get the right answer, condemn the pupil

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