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Chapter III - Questions and Answers
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and the science of numbers.  The simplest problem
in Christian Science is healing the sick, and the least
understanding and demonstration thereof prove all its
possibilities.  The ability to demonstrate to the extent
that Jesus did, will come when the student possesses as
much of the divine Spirit as he shared, and utilizes its
power to overcome sin.
   Opposite to good, is the universal claim of evil that
seeks the proportions of good.  There may be those
who, having learned the power of the unspoken thought,
use it to harm rather than to heal, and who are using
that power against Christian Scientists.  This giant sin
is the sin against the Holy Ghost spoken of in Matt.
xii. 31, 32.

   Is Christian Science based on the facts of both Spirit
and matter?

   Christian Science is based on the facts of Spirit and
its forms and representations, but these facts are the
direct antipodes of the so-called facts of matter; and
the eternal verities of Spirit assert themselves over their
opposite, or matter, in the final destruction of all that
is unlike Spirit.
   Man knows that he can have one God only, when
he regards God as the only Mind, Life, and substance.
If God is Spirit, as the Scriptures declare, and All-in-all,
matter is mythology, and its laws are mortal
   If Mind is in matter and beneath a skull bone, it is
in something unlike Him; hence it is either a godless and
material Mind, or it is God in matter, - which are theories


of agnosticism and pantheism, the very antipodes
of Christian Science.

   What is organic life?

   Life is inorganic, infinite Spirit; if Life, or Spirit,
were organic, disorganization would destroy Spirit and
annihilate man.
   If Mind is not substance, form, and tangibility, God
is substanceless; for the substance of Spirit is divine
Mind.  Life is God, the only creator, and Life is immortal
Mind, not matter.
   Every indication of matter's constituting life is mortal,
the direct opposite of immortal Life, and infringes the
rights of Spirit.  Then, to conclude that Spirit constitutes
or ever has constituted laws to that effect, is a mortal
error, a human conception opposed to the divine
government.  Mind and matter mingling in perpetual
warfare is a kingdom divided against itself, that shall be
brought to desolation.  The final destruction of this
false belief in matter will appear at the full revelation
of Spirit, - one God, and the brotherhood of man.
Organic life is an error of statement that Truth destroys.
The Science of Life needs only to be understood; its demonstration
proves the correctness of my statements, and
brings blessings infinite.

   Why did God command, "Be fruitful, and multiply,
and replenish the earth," if all minds (men) have existed
from the beginning, and have had successive stages of
existence to the present time?

   Your question implies that Spirit, which first spiritually
created the universe, including man, created man


over again materially; and, by the aid of mankind, all
was later made which He had made.  If the first record
is true, what evidence have you - apart from the evidence
of that which you admit cannot discern spiritual
things - of any other creation?  The creative "Us"
made all, and Mind was the creator.  Man originated
not from dust, materially, but from Spirit, spiritually.
This work had been done; the true creation was finished,

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