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Chapter III - Questions and Answers
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the man is held responsible for the crime; for I went once
to a place where a man was said to be 'hanged for murder'
- and certainly I saw him, or his effigy, dangling
at the end of a rope.  This 'man' was held responsible
for the 'sin.'"

   What sins?

   According to the Word, man is the image and likeness
of God.  Does God's essential likeness sin, or dangle at
the end of a rope?  If not, what does?  A culprit, a sinner,
- anything but a man!  Then, what is a sinner?  A
mortal; but man is immortal.
   Again:  mortals are the embodiments (or bodies, if
you please) of error, not of Truth; of sickness, sin, and
death.  Naming these His embodiment, can neither make
them so nor overthrow the logic that man is God's
likeness.  Mortals seem very material; man in the likeness


of Spirit is spiritual.  Holding the right idea of man in my
mind, I can improve my own, and other people's individuality,
health, and morals; whereas, the opposite image
of man, a sinner, kept constantly in mind, can no more
improve health or morals, than holding in thought the
form of a boa-constrictor can aid an artist in painting a
   Man is seen only in the true likeness of his Maker.
Believing a lie veils the truth from our vision; even as
in mathematics, in summing up positive and negative
quantities, the negative quantity offsets an equal positive
quantity, making the aggregate positive, or true quantity,
by that much, less available.

   Why do Christian Scientists hold that their theology is
essential to heal the sick, when the mind-cure claims to heal
without it?

   The theology of Christian Science is Truth; opposed
to which is the error of sickness, sin, and death, that
Truth destroys.
   A "mind-cure" is a matter-cure.  An adherent to this
method honestly acknowledges this fact in her work
entitled "Mind-cure on a Material Basis."  In that
work the author grapples with Christian Science, attempts
to solve its divine Principle by the rule of human mind,
fails, and ends in a parody on this Science which is amusing
to astute readers, - especially when she tells them
that she is practising this Science.
   The theology of Christian Science is based on the action
of the divine Mind over the human mind and body;
whereas, "mind-cure" rests on the notion that the human
mind can cure its own disease, or that which it causes,


and the sickness of matter, - which is infidel in the one
case, and anomalous in the other.  It was said of old by
Truth-traducers, that Jesus healed through Beelzebub;
but the claim that one erring mind cures another one was
at first gotten up to hinder his benign influence and to hide
his divine power.
   Our Master understood that Life, Truth, Love are the
triune Principle of all pure theology; also, that this divine
trinity is one infinite remedy for the opposite triad, sickness,
sin, and death.

   If there is no sin, why did Jesus come to save sinners?

   If there is no reality in sickness, why does a Christian
Scientist go to the bedside and address himself to
the healing of disease, on the basis of its unreality?
Jesus came to seek and to save such as believe in the
reality of the unreal; to save them from this false belief;
that they might lay hold of eternal Life, the great reality
that concerns man, and understand the final fact, - that
God is omnipotent and omnipresent; yea, "that the Lord

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