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Chapter III - Questions and Answers
page 36

He is God; there is none else beside Him," as the Scriptures

   If Christ was God, why did Jesus cry out, "My God,
why hast Thou forsaken me?"

   Even as the struggling heart, reaching toward a higher
goal, appeals to its hope and faith, Why failest thou
me?  Jesus as the son of man was human:  Christ as
the Son of God was divine.  This divinity was reaching
humanity through the crucifixion of the human, - that
momentous demonstration of God, in which Spirit proved
its supremacy over matter.  Jesus assumed for mortals the


weakness of flesh, that Spirit might be found "All-in-all."
Hence, the human cry which voiced that struggle;
thence, the way he made for mortals' escape.  Our
Master bore the cross to show his power over death;
then relinquished his earth-task of teaching and demonstrating
the nothingness of sickness, sin, and death,
and rose to his native estate, man's indestructible eternal
life in God.

   What can prospective students of the College take for
preliminary studies? Do you regard the study of literature
and languages as objectionable?

   Persons contemplating a course at the Massachusetts
Metaphysical College, can prepare for it through no
books except the Bible, and "Science and Health with
Key to the Scriptures."  Man-made theories are narrow,
else extravagant, and are always materialistic.
The ethics which guide thought spiritually must benefit
every one; for the only philosophy and religion that
afford instruction are those which deal with facts and
resist speculative opinions and fables.
   Works on science are profitable; for science is not
human.  It is spiritual, and not material.  Literature
and languages, to a limited extent, are aids to a student
of the Bible and of Christian Science.

   Is it possible to know why we are put into this condition
of mortality?

   It is quite as possible to know wherefore man is thus
conditioned, as to be certain that he is in a state of
mortality.  The only evidence of the existence of a mortal
man, or of a material state and universe, is gathered


from the five personal senses.  This delusive evidence,
Science has dethroned by repeated proofs of its falsity.
   We have no more proof of human discord, - sin,
sickness, disease, or death, - than we have that the
earth's surface is flat, and her motions imaginary.  If
man's ipse dixit as to the stellar system is correct, this
is because Science is true, and the evidence of the senses
is false.  Then why not submit to the affirmations of
Science concerning the greater subject of human weal
and woe?  Every question between Truth and error,
Science must and will decide.  Left to the decision of
Science, your query concerns a negative which the positive
Truth destroys; for God's universe and man are
immortal.  We must not consider the false side of existence
in order to gain the true solution of Life and its
great realities.

   Have you changed your instructions as to the right way
of treating disease?

   I have not; and this important fact must be, and already
is, apprehended by those who understand my instructions
on this question.  Christian Science demands
both law and gospel, in order to demonstrate healing,
and I have taught them both in its demonstration, and
with signs following.  They are a unit in restoring the

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