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Chapter III - Questions and Answers
page 37

equipoise of mind and body, and balancing man's account
with his Maker.  The sequence proves that strict
adherence to one is inadequate to compensate for the
absence of the other, since both constitute the divine law
of healing.
   The Jewish religion demands that "whoso sheddeth
man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed."  But this


law is not infallible in wisdom; and obedience thereto
may be found faulty, since false testimony or mistaken
evidence may cause the innocent to suffer for the guilty.
Hence the gospel that fulfils the law in righteousness,
the genius whereof is displayed in the surprising wisdom
of these words of the New Testament: "Whatsoever
a man soweth, that shall he also reap."  No possible
injustice lurks in this mandate, and no human misjudgment
can pervert it; for the offender alone suffers,
and always according to divine decree.  This sacred,
solid precept is verified in all directions in Mind-healing,
and is supported in the Scripture by parallel
   The law and gospel of Truth and Love teach, through
divine Science, that sin is identical with suffering, and
that suffering is the lighter affliction.  To reach the summit
of Science, whence to discern God's perfect ways
and means, the material sense must be controlled by
the higher spiritual sense, and Truth be enthroned,
while "we look not at the things which are seen, but at
the things which are not seen."
   Cynical critics misjudge my meaning as to the scientific
treatment of the sick.  Disease that is superinduced
by sin is not healed like the more physical
ailment.  The beginner in sin-healing must know this, or
he never can reach the Science of Mind-healing, and
so "overcome evil with good."  Error in premise is met
with error in practice; yea, it is "the blind leading the
blind."  Ignorance of the cause of disease can neither
remove that cause nor its effect.
   I endeavor to accommodate my instructions to the
present capability of the learner, and to support the


liberated thought until its altitude reaches beyond the
mere alphabet of Mind-healing.  Above physical wants,
lie the higher claims of the law and gospel of healing.
First is the law, which saith: -
   "Thou shalt not commit adultery;" in other words,
thou shalt not adulterate Life, Truth, or Love, - mentally,
morally, or physically.  "Thou shalt not steal;"
that is, thou shalt not rob man of money, which is but
trash, compared with his rights of mind and character.
"Thou shalt not kill;" that is, thou shalt not strike at the
eternal sense of Life with a malicious aim, but shalt
know that by doing thus thine own sense of Life shall be
forfeited.  "Thou shalt not bear false witness;" that is,
thou shalt not utter a lie, either mentally or audibly, nor
cause it to be thought.  Obedience to these commandments
is indispensable to health, happiness, and length
of days.
   The gospel of healing demonstrates the law of Love.
Justice uncovers sin of every sort; and mercy demands
that if you see the danger menacing others, you shall,
Deo volente, inform them thereof.  Only thus is the right
practice of Mind-healing achieved, and the wrong practice
discerned, disarmed, and destroyed.

   Do you believe in translation?

   If your question refers to language, whereby one expresses
the sense of words in one language by equivalent
words in another, I do.  If you refer to the removal
of a person to heaven, without his subjection to death,
I modify my affirmative answer.  I believe in this
removal being possible after all the footsteps requisite

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