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Chapter III - Questions and Answers
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have been taken up to the very throne, up to the


spiritual sense and fact of divine substance, intelligence,
Life, and Love.  This translation is not the work of moments;
it requires both time and eternity.  It means more
than mere disappearance to the human sense; it must
include also man's changed appearance and diviner form
visible to those beholding him here.

   The Rev. - - said in a sermon: A true Christian
would protest against metaphysical healing being called
Christian Science. He also maintained that pain and
disease are not illusions but realities; and that it is not
Christian to believe they are illusions. Is this so?

   It is unchristian to believe that pain and sickness are
anything but illusions.  My proof of this is, that the
penalty for believing in their reality is the very pain and
disease.  Jesus cast out a devil, and the dumb spake;
hence it is right to know that the works of Satan are the
illusion and error which Truth casts out.
   Does the gentleman above mentioned know the
meaning of divine metaphysics, or of metaphysical
   According to Webster, metaphysics is defined thus:
"The science of the conceptions and relations which are
necessary to thought and knowledge; science of the
mind."  Worcester defines it as "the philosophy of mind,
as distinguished from that of matter; a science of which
the object is to explain the principles and causes of
all things existing."  Brande calls metaphysics "the
science which regards the ultimate grounds of being, as
distinguished from its phenomenal modifications."  "A
speculative science, which soars beyond the bounds of
experience," is a further definition.

MISC 69:
   Divine metaphysics is that which treats of the existence
of God, His essence, relations, and attributes.  A
sneer at metaphysics is a scoff at Deity; at His goodness,
mercy, and might.
   Christian Science is the unfolding of true metaphysics;
that is, of Mind, or God, and His attributes.  Science rests
on Principle and demonstration.  The Principle of Christian
Science is divine.  Its rule is, that man shall utilize
the divine power.
   In Genesis i. 26, we read: "Let us make man in
our image, after our likeness:  and let them have
dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of
the air."
   I was once called to visit a sick man to whom the
regular physicians had given three doses of Croton
oil, and then had left him to die.  Upon my arrival I
found him barely alive, and in terrible agony.  In one
hour he was well, and the next day he attended to his
business.  I removed the stoppage, healed him of enteritis,
and neutralized the bad effects of the poisonous
oil.  His physicians had failed even to move his
bowels, - though the wonder was, with the means
used in their effort to accomplish this result, that
they had not quite killed him.  According to their
diagnosis, the exciting cause of the inflammation and
stoppage was - eating smoked herring.  The man is
living yet; and I will send his address to any one
who may wish to apply to him for information about
his case.
   Now comes the question:  Had that sick man dominion
over the fish in his stomach?
   His want of control over "the fish of the sea" must


have been an illusion, or else the Scriptures misstate
man's power.  That the Bible is true I believe, not
only, but I demonstrated its truth when I exercised

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