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Chapter III - Questions and Answers
page 41

"the way, the truth, and the life," cognize it?

   Christ Jesus' sense of matter was the opposite of that
which mortals entertain:  his nativity was a spiritual and
immortal sense of the ideal world.  His earthly mission
was to translate substance into its original meaning,
Mind.  He walked upon the waves; he turned the water
into wine; he healed the sick and the sinner; he raised
the dead, and rolled away the stone from the door of his
own tomb.  His demonstration of Spirit virtually vanquished
matter and its supposed laws.  Walking the
wave, he proved the fallacy of the theory that matter is
substance; healing through Mind, he removed any supposition
that matter is intelligent, or can recognize or
express pain and pleasure.  His triumph over the grave
was an everlasting victory for Life; it demonstrated the
lifelessness of matter, and the power and permanence
of Spirit.  He met and conquered the resistance of the
   If you will admit, with me, that matter is neither
substance, intelligence, nor Life, you may have all that


is left of it; and you will have touched the hem of the
garment of Jesus' idea of matter.  Christ was "the way;"
since Life and Truth were the way that gave us, through
a human person, a spiritual revelation of man's possible
earthly development.

   Why do you insist that there is but one Soul, and that
Soul is not in the body?

   First:  I urge this fundamental fact and grand verity
of Christian Science, because it includes a rule that must
be understood, or it is impossible to demonstrate the
Science.  Soul is a synonym of Spirit, and God is Spirit.
There is but one God, and the infinite is not within the
finite; hence Soul is one, and is God; and God is not in
matter or the mortal body.
   Second:  Because Soul is a term for Deity, and this
term should seldom be employed except where the word
God can be used and make complete sense.  The word
Soul may sometimes be used metaphorically; but if this
term is warped to signify human quality, a substitution
of sense for soul clears the meaning, and assists one to
understand Christian Science.  Mary's exclamation,
"My soul doth magnify the Lord," is rendered in Science,
"My spiritual sense doth magnify the Lord;"
for the name of Deity used in that place does not bring
out the meaning of the passage.  It was evidently an
illuminated sense through which she discovered the
spiritual origin of man.  "The soul that sinneth, it shall
die," means, that mortal man (alias material sense) that
sinneth, shall die; and the commonly accepted view is
that soul is deathless.  Soul is the divine Mind, - for
Soul cannot be formed or brought forth by human


thought, - and must proceed from God; hence it must
be sinless, and destitute of self-created or derived capacity
to sin.
   Third:  Jesus said, "If a man keep my saying, he
shall never see death."  This statement of our Master
is true, and remains to be demonstrated; for it is the
ultimatum of Christian Science; but this immortal saying
can never be tested or proven true upon a false premise,
such as the mortal belief that soul is in body, and life
and intelligence are in matter.  That doctrine is not
theism, but pantheism.  According to human belief the
bodies of mortals are mortal, but they contain immortal
souls! hence these bodies must die for these souls to

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