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Chapter III - Questions and Answers
page 43

of the nature of occultism, magic, alchemy, or
necromancy.  These "ways that are vain" are the inventions
of animal magnetism, which would deceive, if possible,
the very elect.  We will charitably hope, however, that
some people employ the et cetera of ignorance and self-conceit
unconsciously, in their witless ventilation of false
statements and claims.  Misguiding the public mind and
taking its money in exchange for this abuse, has become
too common:  we will hope it is the froth of error passing
off; and that Christian Science will some time appear all
the clearer for the purification of the public thought concerning

   Has man fallen from a state of perfection?

   If God is the Principle of man (and He is), man is the
idea of God; and this idea cannot fail to express the exact
nature of its Principle, - any more than goodness,
to present the quality of good.  Human hypotheses are
always human vagaries, formulated views antagonistic


to the divine order and the nature of Deity.  All these
mortal beliefs will be purged and dissolved in the crucible
of Truth, and the places once knowing them will
know them no more forever, having been swept clean
by the winds of history.  The grand verities of Science
will sift the chaff from the wheat, until it is clear to human
comprehension that man was, and is, God's perfect
likeness, that reflects all whereby we can know God.  In
Him we live, move, and have being.  Man's origin and
existence being in Him, man is the ultimatum of perfection,
and by no means the medium of imperfection.
Immortal man is the eternal idea of Truth, that cannot
lapse into a mortal belief or error concerning himself
and his origin:  he cannot get out of the focal distance of
infinity.  If God is upright and eternal, man as His likeness
is erect in goodness and perpetual in Life, Truth,
and Love.  If the great cause is perfect, its effect is perfect
also; and cause and effect in Science are immutable
and immortal.  A mortal who is sinning, sick, and dying,
is not immortal man; and never was, and never can be,
God's image and likeness, the true ideal of immortal
man's divine Principle.  The spiritual man is that perfect
and unfallen likeness, coexistent and coeternal with
God.  "As in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be
made alive."

   What course should Christian Scientists take in regard
to aiding persons brought before the courts for violation of
medical statutes?

   Beware of joining any medical league which in any
way obligates you to assist - because they chance to be
under arrest - vendors of patent pills, mesmerists,


occultists, sellers of impure literature, and authors of
spurious works on mental healing.  By rendering error
such a service, you lose much more than can be gained
by mere unity on the single issue of opposition to unjust
medical laws.
   A league which obligates its members to give money
and influence in support and defense of medical charlatans
in general, and possibly to aid individual rights
in a wrong direction - which Christian Science eschews
- should be avoided.  Anybody and everybody, who
will fight the medical faculty, can join this league.  It is
better to be friendly with cultured and conscientious
medical men, who leave Christian Science to rise or fall
on its own merit or demerit, than to affiliate with a wrong
class of people.
   Unconstitutional and unjust coercive legislation and
laws, infringing individual rights, must be "of few days,

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