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Chapter III - Questions and Answers
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and full of trouble."  The vox populi, through the providence
of God, promotes and impels all true reform; and,
at the best time, will redress wrongs and rectify
injustice.  Tyranny can thrive but feebly under our
Government.  God reigns, and will "turn and overturn" until
right is found supreme.
   In a certain sense, we should commiserate the lot of
regular doctors, who, in successive generations for centuries,
have planted and sown and reaped in the fields
of what they deem pathology, hygiene, and therapeutics,
but are now elbowed by a new school of practitioners,
outdoing the healing of the old.  The old will not patronize
the new school, at least not until it shall come to understand
the medical system of the new.
   Christian Science Mind-healing rests demonstrably on


the broad and sure foundation of Science; and this is
not the basis of materia medica, as some of the most skilful
and scholarly physicians openly admit.
   To prevent all unpleasant and unchristian action - as
we drift, by right of God's dear love, into more spiritual
lines of life - let each society of practitioners, the
matter-physicians and the metaphysicians, agree to disagree, and
then patiently wait on God to decide, as surely He will,
which is the true system of medicine.

   Do we not see in the commonly accepted teachings of the
day, the Christ-idea mingled with the teachings of John
the Baptist? or, rather, Are not the last eighteen centuries
but the footsteps of Truth being baptized of John, and coming
up straightway out of the ceremonial (or ritualistic)
waters to receive the benediction of an honored Father, and
afterwards to go up into the wilderness, in order to overcome
mortal sense, before it shall go forth into all the cities
and towns of Judea, or see many of the people from beyond
Jordan? Now, if all this be a fair or correct view of this
question, why does not John hear this voice, or see the
dove, - or has not Truth yet reached the shore?

   Every individual character, like the individual John
the Baptist, at some date must cry in the desert of
earthly joy; and his voice be heard divinely and
humanly.  In the desolation of human understanding,
divine Love hears and answers the human call for help;
and the voice of Truth utters the divine verities of being
which deliver mortals out of the depths of ignorance
and vice.  This is the Father's benediction.  It gives
lessons to human life, guides the understanding, peoples


the mind with spiritual ideas, reconstructs the Judean
religion, and reveals God and man as the Principle and
idea of all good.
   Understanding this fact in Christian Science, brings
the peace symbolized by a dove; and this peace floweth
as a river into a shoreless eternity.  He who knew the
foretelling Truth, beheld the forthcoming Truth, as it
came up out of the baptism of Spirit, to enlighten and
redeem mortals.  Such Christians as John cognize the
symbols of God, reach the sure foundations of time, stand
upon the shore of eternity, and grasp and gather - in all
glory - what eye hath not seen.

   Is there infinite progression with man after the destruction
of mortal mind?

   Man is the offspring and idea of the Supreme Being,
whose law is perfect and infinite.  In obedience to this
law, man is forever unfolding the endless beatitudes of

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