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Chapter III - Questions and Answers
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against itself is brought to desolation."

   If Scientists are called upon to care for a member of
the family, or a friend in sickness, who is employing a
regular physician, would it be right to treat this patient
at all; and ought the patient to follow the doctor's

   When patients are under material medical treatment,
it is advisable in most cases that Scientists do not treat
them, or interfere with materia medica.  If the patient
is in peril, and you save him or alleviate his sufferings,
although the medical attendant and friends have no
faith in your method, it is humane, and not unchristian,
to do him all the good you can; but your good will generally
"be evil spoken of."  The hazard of casting "pearls
before swine" caused our Master to refuse help to some
who sought his aid; and he left this precaution for

   If mortal man is unreal, how can he be saved, and why
does he need to be saved? I ask for information, not for
controversy, for I am a seeker after Truth.

   You will find the proper answer to this question in
my published works.  Man is immortal.  Mortal man
is a false concept that is not spared or prolonged by being
saved from itself, from whatever is false.  This salvation
means:  saved from error, or error overcome.  Immortal
man, in God's likeness, is safe in divine Science.
Mortal man is saved on this divine Principle, if he will
only avail himself of the efficacy of Truth, and recognize


his Saviour.  He must know that God is omnipotent;
hence, that sin is impotent.  He must know that
the power of sin is the pleasure in sin.  Take away this
pleasure, and you remove all reality from its power.  Jesus
demonstrated sin and death to be powerless.  This
practical Truth saves from sin, and will save all who
understand it.

   Is it wrong for a wife to have a husband treated for
sin, when she knows he is sinning, or for drinking and

   It is always right to act rightly; but sometimes, under
circumstances exceptional, it is inexpedient to attack
evil.  This rule is forever golden: "As ye would that
men should do to you, do ye even so to them."  Do you
desire to be freed from sin?  Then help others to be free;
but in your measures, obey the Scriptures, "Be ye wise
as serpents."  Break the yoke of bondage in every wise
way.  First, be sure that your means for doing good
are equal to your motives; then judge them by their

   If not ordained, shall the pastor of the Church of
Christ, Scientist, administer the communion, - and
shall members of a church not organized receive the

   Our great Master administered to his disciples the
Passover, or last supper, without this prerogative being
conferred by a visible organization and ordained
priesthood.  His spiritually prepared breakfast, after his
resurrection, and after his disciples had left their nets
to follow him, is the spiritual communion which Christian


Scientists celebrate in commemoration of the Christ.
This ordinance is significant as a type of the true worship,
and it should be observed at present in our churches.
   It is not indispensable to organize materially Christ's
church.  It is not absolutely necessary to ordain pastors
and to dedicate churches; but if this be done,

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