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than all other methods of treating disease.
   Christian Science is not a remedy of faith alone, but
combines faith with understanding, through which we
may touch the hem of His garment; and know that omnipotence
has all power.  "I am the Lord, and there is
none else, there is no God beside me."
   Is there a personal man?
   The Scriptures inform us that man was made in the
image and likeness of God.  I commend the Icelandic
translation: "He created man in the image and likeness
of Mind, in the image and likeness of Mind created
He him."  To my sense, we have not seen all of man;
he is more than personal sense can cognize, who is the
image and likeness of the infinite.  I have not seen a
perfect man in mind or body, - and such must be the
personality of him who is the true likeness:  the lost
image is not this personality, and corporeal man is this
lost image; hence, it doth not appear what is the real
personality of man.  The only cause for making this


question of personality a point, or of any importance, is
that man's perfect model should be held in mind, whereby
to improve his present condition; that his contemplation
regarding himself should turn away from inharmony, sickness,
and sin, to that which is the image of his Maker.

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