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five personal senses, that grasp neither the meaning nor
the magnitude of self-abnegation, may lose sight thereof;
but Science voices unselfish love, unfolds infinite good,
leads on irresistible forces, and will finally show the fruits
of Love.  Human reason is inaccurate; and the scope
of the senses is inadequate to grasp the word of Truth,
and teach the eternal.
   Science speaks when the senses are silent, and then
the evermore of Truth is triumphant.  The spiritual monitor
understood is coincidence of the divine with the
human, the acme of Christian Science.  Pure humanity,
friendship, home, the interchange of love, bring to earth
a foretaste of heaven.  They unite terrestrial and celestial
joys, and crown them with blessings infinite.
   The Christian Scientist loves man more because he
loves God most.  He understands this Principle, - Love.
Who is sufficient for these things?  Who remembers that
patience, forgiveness, abiding faith, and affection, are
the symptoms by which our Father indicates the different
stages of man's recovery from sin and his entrance
into Science?  Who knows how the feeble lips

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are made eloquent, how hearts are inspired, how healing
becomes spontaneous, and how the divine Mind is
understood and demonstrated?  He alone knows these
wonders who is departing from the thraldom of the
senses and accepting spiritual truth, - that which blesses
its adoption by the refinement of joy and the dismissal of
   Christian Science and the senses are at war.  It is a
revolutionary struggle.  We already have had two in
this nation; and they began and ended in a contest for
the true idea, for human liberty and rights.  Now cometh
a third struggle; for the freedom of health, holiness, and
the attainment of heaven.
   The scientific sense of being which establishes harmony,
enters into no compromise with finiteness and
feebleness.  It undermines the foundations of mortality,
of physical law, breaks their chains, and sets the captive
free, opening the doors for them that are bound.
   He who turns to the body for evidence, bases his conclusions
on mortality, on imperfection; but Science saith
to man, "God hath all-power."
   The Science of omnipotence demonstrates but one
power, and this power is good, not evil; not matter,
but Mind.  This virtually destroys matter and evil, including
sin and disease.
   If God is All, and God is good, it follows that all
must be good; and no other power, law, or intelligence
can exist.  On this proof rest premise and conclusion in
Science, and the facts that disprove the evidence of the
   God is individual Mind.  This one Mind and His
individuality comprise the elements of all forms and

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individualities, and prophesy the nature and stature of
Christ, the ideal man.
   A corporeal God, as often defined by lexicographers
and scholastic theologians, is only an infinite finite being,
an unlimited man, - a theory to me inconceivable.  If
the unlimited and immortal Mind could originate in a
limited body, Mind would be chained to finity, and the
infinite forever finite.
   In this limited and lower sense God is not personal.
His infinity precludes the possibility of corporeal
personality.  His being is individual, but not physical.
   God is like Himself and like nothing else.  He is universal
and primitive.  His character admits of no degrees
of comparison.  God is not part, but the whole.  In His
individuality I recognize the loving, divine Father-Mother
God.  Infinite personality must be incorporeal.

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