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of Science:  the former revolve in their own orbits, and
must stand the friction of false selfhood until
   In obedience to the divine nature, man's individuality
reflects the divine law and order of being.  How shall
we reach our true selves?  Through Love.  The Principle
of Christian Science is Love, and its idea represents
Love.  This divine Principle and idea are demonstrated,
in healing, to be God and the real man.
   Who wants to be mortal, or would not gain the true
ideal of Life and recover his own individuality?  I will
love, if another hates.  I will gain a balance on the side of
good, my true being.  This alone gives me the forces of
God wherewith to overcome all error.  On this rests the

MISC 105:
implicit faith engendered by Christian Science, which
appeals intelligently to the facts of man's spirituality, individuality,
to disdain the fears and destroy the discords
of this material personality.
   On our Master's individual demonstrations over sin,
sickness, and death, rested the anathema of priesthood
and the senses; yet this demonstration is the foundation
of Christian Science.  His physical sufferings, which
came from the testimony of the senses, were over when
he resumed his individual spiritual being, after showing
us the way to escape from the material body.
   Science would have no conflict with Life or common
sense, if this sense were consistently sensible.  Man's real
life or existence is in harmony with Life and its glorious
phenomena.  It upholds being, and destroys the too
common sense of its opposites - death, disease, and sin.
Christian Science is an everlasting victor, and vanquishment
is unknown to the omnipresent Truth.  I must ever
follow this line of light and battle.
   Christian Science is my only ideal; and the individual
and his ideal can never be severed.  If either is misunderstood
or maligned, it eclipses the other with the shadow
cast by this error.
   Truth destroys error.  Nothing appears to the physical
senses but their own subjective state of thought.  The
senses join issue with error, and pity what has no right
either to be pitied or to exist, and what does not exist in
Science.  Destroy the thought of sin, sickness, death, and
you destroy their existence.  "Whatsoever a man soweth,
that shall he also reap."
   Because God is Mind, and this Mind is good, all
is good and all is Mind.  God is the sum total of the

MISC 106

universe.  Then what and where are sin, sickness, and
   Christian Science and Christian Scientists will, must,
have a history; and if I could write the history in poor
parody on Tennyson's grand verse, it would read
thus: -

       Traitors to right of them,
       M. D.'s to left of them,
       Priestcraft in front of them,
         Volleyed and thundered!
       Into the jaws of hate,
       Out through the door of Love,
       On to the blest above,
         Marched the one hundred.

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