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sense of his crime; but regarded his act as one of simple
justice, and himself as the victim.  My few words touched
him; he sank back in his chair, limp and pale; his flippancy
had fled.  The jailer thanked me, and said, "Other
visitors have brought to him bouquets, but you have
brought what will do him good."
   This mental disease at first shows itself in extreme
sensitiveness; then, in a loss of self-knowledge and of
self-condemnation, - a shocking inability to see one's
own faults, but an exaggerating sense of other people's.
Unless this mental condition be overcome, it ends in a
total loss of moral, intellectual, and spiritual discernment,
and is characterized in this Scripture: "The fool hath
said in his heart, There is no God."  This state of mind
is the exemplification of total depravity, and the result

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of sensuous mind in matter.  Mind that is God is not in
matter; and God's presence gives spiritual light, wherein
is no darkness.
   If, as is indisputably true, "God is Spirit," and Spirit
is our Father and Mother, and that which it includes is
all that is real and eternal, when evil seems to predominate
and divine light to be obscured, free moral agency
is lost; and the Revelator's vision, that "no man might
buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the
beast, or the number of his name," is imminent.
   Whoever is mentally manipulating human mind, and
is not gaining a higher sense of Truth by it, is losing in
the scale of moral and spiritual being, and may be carried
to the depths of perdition by his own consent.  He
who refuses to be influenced by any but the divine Mind,
commits his way to God, and rises superior to suggestions
from an evil source.  Christian Science shows that
there is a way of escape from the latter-day ultimatum
of evil, through scientific truth; so that all are without
   Already I clearly recognize that mental malpractice,
if persisted in, will end in insanity, dementia, or moral
idiocy.  Thank God! this evil can be resisted by true
Christianity.  Divine Love is our hope, strength, and
shield.  We have nothing to fear when Love is at the
helm of thought, but everything to enjoy on earth and
in heaven.
   The systematized centres of Christian Science are life-giving
fountains of truth.  Our churches, The Christian
Science Journal, and the Christian Science Quarterly,
are prolific sources of spiritual power whose intellectual,
moral, and spiritual animus is felt throughout the land.

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Our Publishing Society, and our Sunday Lessons, are
of inestimable value to all seekers after Truth.  The Committee
on Sunday School Lessons cannot give too much
time and attention to their task, and should spare no
research in the preparation of the Quarterly as an educational
   The teachers of Christian Science need to watch incessantly
the trend of their own thoughts; watch that these
be not secretly robbed, and themselves misguided, and
so made to misteach others.  Teachers must conform
strictly to the rules of divine Science announced in the
Bible and their textbook, "Science and Health with Key
to the Scriptures."  They must themselves practise, and
teach others to practise, the Hebrew Decalogue, the Sermon
on the Mount, and the understanding and enunciation
of these according to Christ.
   They must always have on armor, and resist the foe
within and without.  They cannot arm too thoroughly
against original sin, appearing in its myriad forms:  passion,
appetites, hatred, revenge, and all the et cetera of

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