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evil.  Christian Scientists cannot watch too sedulously,
or bar their doors too closely, or pray to God too fervently,
for deliverance from the claims of evil.  Thus
doing, Scientists will silence evil suggestions, uncover
their methods, and stop their hidden influence upon the
lives of mortals.  Rest assured that God in His wisdom
will test all mankind on all questions; and then, if found
faithful, He will deliver us from temptation and show us
the powerlessness of evil, - even its utter nothingness.
   The teacher in Christian Science who does not specially
instruct his pupils how to guard against evil and
its silent modes, and to be able, through Christ, the living

MISC 115

Truth, to protect themselves therefrom, is committing
an offense against God and humanity.  With Science
and Health for their textbook, I am astounded at the
apathy of some students on the subject of sin and mental
malpractice, and their culpable ignorance of the workings
of these - and even the teacher's own deficiency in
this department.  I can account for this state of mind in
the teacher only as the result of sin; otherwise, his own
guilt as a mental malpractitioner, and fear of being found
   The helpless ignorance of the community on this subject
is pitiable, and plain to be seen.  May God enable
my students to take up the cross as I have done, and meet
the pressing need of a proper preparation of heart to practise,
teach, and live Christian Science!  Your means of
protection and defense from sin are, constant watchfulness
and prayer that you enter not into temptation and
are delivered from every claim of evil, till you intelligently
know and demonstrate, in Science, that evil has neither
prestige, power, nor existence, since God, good, is
   The increasing necessity for relying on God to defend
us against the subtler forms of evil, turns us more
unreservedly to Him for help, and thus becomes a means
of grace.  If one lives rightly, every effort to hurt one
will only help that one; for God will give the ability to
overcome whatever tends to impede progress.  Know
this:  that you cannot overcome the baneful effects of
sin on yourself, if you in any way indulge in sin; for,
sooner or later, you will fall the victim of your own as
well as of others' sins.  Using mental power in the right
direction only, doing to others as you would have them

MISC 116

do to you, will overcome evil with good, and destroy
your own sensitiveness to the power of evil.
   The God of all grace be with you, and save you from
"spiritual wickedness in high places."

  Pleasant View, Concord, N. H.,
  June 3, 1895

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