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Subject: Obedience

   My Beloved Students: - This question, ever nearest
to my heart, is to-day uppermost:  Are we filling the
measures of life's music aright, emphasizing its grand
strains, swelling the harmony of being with tones whence
come glad echoes?  As crescendo and diminuendo accent
music, so the varied strains of human chords express
life's loss or gain, - loss of the pleasures and pains and
pride of life:  gain of its sweet concord, the courage of
honest convictions, and final obedience to spiritual law.
The ultimate of scientific research and attainment in
divine Science is not an argument:  it is not merely saying,
but doing, the Word - demonstrating Truth - even
as the fruits of watchfulness, prayer, struggles, tears, and
   Obeying the divine Principle which you profess to understand
and love, demonstrates Truth.  Never absent
from your post, never off guard, never ill-humored, never
unready to work for God, - is obedience; being "faithful
over a few things."  If in one instance obedience be
lacking, you lose the scientific rule and its reward: namely,

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to be made "ruler over many things."  A progressive
life is the reality of Life that unfolds its immortal
   The student of Christian Science must first separate the
tares from the wheat; discern between the thought,
motive, and act superinduced by the wrong motive or
the true - the God-given intent and volition - arrest
the former, and obey the latter.  This will place him on
the safe side of practice.  We always know where to look
for the real Scientist, and always find him there.  I agree
with Rev. Dr. Talmage, that "there are wit, humor, and
enduring vivacity among God's people."
   Obedience is the offspring of Love; and Love is the
Principle of unity, the basis of all right thinking and
acting; it fulfils the law.  We see eye to eye and know as we
are known, reciprocate kindness and work wisely, in
proportion as we love.
   It is difficult for me to carry out a divine commission
while participating in the movements, or modus operandi,
of other folks.  To point out every step to a student and
then watch that each step be taken, consumes time, -
and experiments ofttimes are costly.  According to my
calendar, God's time and mortals' differ.  The neophyte
is inclined to be too fast or too slow:  he works
somewhat in the dark; and, sometimes out of season,
he would replenish his lamp at the midnight hour and
borrow oil of the more provident watcher.  God is the
fountain of light, and He illumines one's way when one
is obedient.  The disobedient make their moves before
God makes His, or make them too late to follow Him.
Be sure that God directs your way; then, hasten to follow
under every circumstance.

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   Human will must be subjugated.  We cannot obey
both God, good, and evil, - in other words, the material
senses, false suggestions, self-will, selfish motives,
and human policy.  We shall have no faith in evil
when faith finds a resting-place and scientific understanding
guides man.  Honesty in every condition,
under every circumstance, is the indispensable rule of
obedience.  To obey the principle of mathematics ninety-nine
times in one hundred and then allow one numeral
to make incorrect your entire problem, is neither Science

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