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made.  The hater's pleasures are unreal; his sufferings,
self-imposed; his existence is a parody, and he ends -
with suicide.
   The murder of the just Nazarite was incited by the

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same spirit that in our time massacres our missionaries,
butchers the helpless Armenians, slaughters innocents.
Evil was, and is, the illusion of breaking the First Commandment,
"Thou shalt have no other gods before me:"
it is either idolizing something and somebody, or hating
them:  it is the spirit of idolatry, envy, jealousy, covetousness,
superstition, lust, hypocrisy, witchcraft.
   That man can break the forever-law of infinite Love,
was, and is, the serpent's biggest lie! and ultimates in
a religion of pagan priests bloated with crime; a religion
that demands human victims to be sacrificed to human
passions and human gods, or tortured to appease the
anger of a so-called god or a miscalled man or woman!
The Assyrian Merodach, or the god of sin, was the "lucky
god;" and the Babylonian Yawa, or Jehovah, was the
Jewish tribal deity.  The Christian's God is neither, and
is too pure to behold iniquity.
   Divine Science has rolled away the stone from the sepulchre
of our Lord; and there has risen to the awakened
thought the majestic atonement of divine Love.  The
at-one-ment with Christ has appeared - not through
vicarious suffering, whereby the just obtain a pardon for
the unjust, - but through the eternal law of justice;
wherein sinners suffer for their own sins, repent, forsake
sin, love God, and keep His commandments, thence to
receive the reward of righteousness:  salvation from sin,
not through the death of a man, but through a divine Life,
which is our Redeemer.
   Holy Writ declares that God is Love, is Spirit; hence
it follows that those who worship Him, must worship
Him spiritually, - far apart from physical sensation
such as attends eating and drinking corporeally.  It is

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plain that aught unspiritual, intervening between God
and man, would tend to disturb the divine order, and
countermand the Scripture that those who worship the
Father must worship Him in spirit.  It is also plain,
that we should not seek and cannot find God in matter,
or through material methods; neither do we love
and obey Him by means of matter, or the flesh, - which
warreth against Spirit, and will not be reconciled
   We turn, with sickened sense, from a pagan Jew's
or Moslem's misconception of Deity, for peace; and find
rest in the spiritual ideal, or Christ.  For "who is so
great a God as our God!" unchangeable, all-wise, all-just,
all-merciful; the ever-loving, ever-living Life, Truth,
Love:  comforting such as mourn, opening the prison
doors to the captive, marking the unwinged bird, pitying
with more than a father's pity; healing the sick, cleansing
the leper, raising the dead, saving sinners.  As we think
thereon, man's true sense is filled with peace, and power;
and we say, It is well that Christian Science has taken
expressive silence wherein to muse His praise, to kiss the
feet of Jesus, adore the white Christ, and stretch out our
arms to God.
   The last act of the tragedy on Calvary rent the veil
of matter, and unveiled Love's great legacy to mortals:
Love forgiving its enemies.  This grand act crowned
and still crowns Christianity:  it manumits mortals; it
translates love; it gives to suffering, inspiration; to
patience, experience; to experience, hope; to hope, faith;
to faith, understanding; and to understanding, Love
   In proportion to a man's spiritual progress, he will

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