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of the first financial year since the erection of the edifice of
The First Church of Christ, Scientist, let it do so; otherwise,
I recommend that you waive the church By-law
relating to finances this year of your firstfruits.  This
Board did not act under that By-law; it was not in existence
all of the year.  It is but just to consider the great
struggles with perplexities and difficulties which the
Directors encountered in Anno Domini 1894, and which
they have overcome.  May God give unto us all that loving
sense of gratitude which delights in the opportunity to
cancel accounts.  I, for one, would be pleased to have the
Christian Science Board of Directors itemize a bill of this
church's gifts to Mother; and then to have them let her
state the value thereof, if, indeed, it could be estimated.
   After this financial year, when you call on the members
of the Christian Science Board of Directors to itemize or
audit their accounts, these will be found already itemized,
and last year's records immortalized, with perils past and
victories won.

MISC 132

   A motion was made, and a vote passed, at your last
meeting, on a subject the substance whereof you had already
accepted as a By-law.  But, I shall take this as a
favorable omen, a fair token that heavy lids are opening,
even wider than before, to the light of Love - and By-laws.
                                        Affectionately yours,
                                        Mary Baker Eddy

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