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   Beloved Students: - Meet together and meet en masse,
in 1888, at the annual session of the National Christian
Scientist Association.  Be "of one mind," "in one place,"
and God will pour you out a blessing such as you never
before received.  He who dwelleth in eternal light is
bigger than the shadow, and will guard and guide His
   Let no consideration bend or outweigh your purpose
to be in Chicago on June 13.  Firm in your allegiance to
the reign of universal harmony, go to its rescue.  In God's
hour, the powers of earth and hell are proven powerless.
The reeling ranks of materia medica, with poisons, nostrums,
and knives, are impotent when at war with the
omnipotent!  Like Elisha, look up, and behold: "They
that be with us, are more than they that be with them."
   Error is only fermenting, and its heat hissing at the
"still, small voice" of Truth; but it can neither silence
nor disarm God's voice.  Spiritual wickedness is standing
in high places; but, blind to its own fate, it will tumble
into the bottomless.

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   Christians, and all true Scientists, marching under whatsoever
ensign, come into the ranks!  Again I repeat, person
is not in the question of Christian Science.  Principle,
instead of person, is next to our hearts, on our lips, and
in our lives.  Our watchwords are Truth and Love; and
if we abide in these, they will abound in us, and we shall
be one in heart, - one in motive, purpose, pursuit.  Abiding
in Love, not one of you can be separated from me; and
the sweet sense of journeying on together, doing unto
others as ye would they should do unto you, conquers all
opposition, surmounts all obstacles, and secures success.
If you falter, or fail to fulfil this Golden Rule, though you
should build to the heavens, you would build on sand.
   Is it a cross to give one week's time and expense to the
jubilee of Spirit?  Then take this cross, and the crown
with it.  Sending forth currents of Truth, God's methods
and means of healing, and so spreading the gospel of
Love, is in itself an eternity of joy that outweighs an
hour.  Add one more noble offering to the unity of good,
and so cement the bonds of Love.
                                        With love,
                                        Mary Baker Eddy

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