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Letter read at the meeting of the Massachusetts Metaphysical
College Association, June 3, 1891

To the Members of the Christian Scientists' Association of
the Massachusetts Metaphysical College

   My Beloved Students: - You may be looking to see me
in my accustomed place with you, but this you must no

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longer expect.  When I retired from the field of labor,
it was a departure, socially, publicly, and finally, from
the routine of such material modes as society and our
societies demand.  Rumors are rumors, - nothing more.
I am still with you on the field of battle, taking forward
marches, broader and higher views, and with the hope
that you will follow.
   The eternal and infinite, already brought to your
earnest consideration, so grow upon my vision that I
cannot feel justified in turning aside for one hour from
contemplation of them and of the faith unfeigned.
When the verities of being seem to you as to me, - as
they must some time, - you will understand the necessity
for my seclusion, and its fulfilment of divine order.
"Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate,
saith the Lord."
   All our thoughts should be given to the absolute
demonstration of Christian Science.  You can well
afford to give me up, since you have in my last revised
edition of Science and Health your teacher and
   I recommend that the June session of this honorable
body shall close your meetings for the summer; also, that
hereafter you hold three sessions annually, convening
once in four months; oftener is not requisite, and the
members coming from a distance will be accommodated
by this arrangement.
                                        Yours affectionately,
                                        Mary B. G. Eddy

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