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    (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty
through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) casting down
imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the
knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the
obedience of Christ. -  2 Cor. x.4,5.

   In April, 1883, I started the Journal of Christian
Science, with a portion of the above Scripture for its
   On December 10, 1889, I gave a lot of land - in
Boston, situated near the beautiful Back Bay Park, now
valued at $20,000 and rising in value - for the purpose
of having erected thereon a church edifice to be called The
Church of Christ, Scientist.
   I had this desirable site transferred in a circuitous,
novel way, at the wisdom whereof a few persons have
since scrupled; but to my spiritual perception, like all
true wisdom, this transaction will in future be regarded
as greatly wise, and it will be found that this act was in
advance of the erring mind's apprehension.
   As with all former efforts in the interest of Christian
Science, I took care that the provisions for the land and

MISC 140:
building were such as error could not control.  I knew
that to God's gift, foundation and superstructure, no one
could hold a wholly material title.  The land, and the
church standing on it, must be conveyed through a type
representing the true nature of the gift; a type morally
and spiritually inalienable, but materially questionable
- even after the manner that all spiritual good comes
to Christian Scientists, to the end of taxing their faith
in God, and their adherence to the superiority of the
claims of Spirit over matter or merely legal titles.
   No one could buy, sell, or mortgage my gift as I had
it conveyed.  Thus the case rested, and I supposed the
trustee-deed was legal; but this was God's business, not
mine.  Our church was prospered by the right hand of
His righteousness, and contributions to the Building Fund
generously poured into the treasury.  Unity prevailed, -
till mortal man sought to know who owned God's temple,
and adopted and urged only the material side of this
   The lot of land which I donated I redeemed from under
mortgage.  The foundation on which our church was to
be built had to be rescued from the grasp of legal power,
and now it must be put back into the arms of Love, if we
would not be found fighting against God.
   The diviner claim and means for upbuilding the Church
of Christ were prospered.  Our title to God's acres will
be safe and sound - when we can "read our title clear"
to heavenly mansions.  Built on the rock, our church
will stand the storms of ages:  though the material superstructure
should crumble into dust, the fittest would survive,
- the spiritual idea would live, a perpetual type of
the divine Principle it reflects.

MISC 141

   The First Church of Christ, Scientist, our prayer in
stone, will be the prophecy fulfilled, the monument upreared,
of Christian Science.  It will speak to you of the
Mother, and of your hearts' offering to her through whom
was revealed to you God's all-power, all-presence, and
all-science.  This building begun, will go up, and no one
can suffer from it, for no one can resist the power that
is behind it; and against this church temple "the gates
of hell" cannot prevail.
   All loyal Christian Scientists hail with joy this proposed
type of universal Love; not so, however, with

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