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error, which hates the bonds and methods of Truth, and
shudders at the freedom, might, and majesty of Spirit,
- even the annihilating law of Love.
   I vindicate both the law of God and the laws of our
land.  I believe, - yea, I understand, - that with the
spirit of Christ actuating all the parties concerned about
the legal quibble, it can easily be corrected to the satisfaction
of all.  Let this be speedily done.  Do not, I implore
you, stain the early history of Christian Science by
the impulses of human will and pride; but let the divine
will and the nobility of human meekness rule this business
transaction, in obedience to the law of Love and the
laws of our land.
   As the ambassador of Christ's teachings, I admonish
you:  Delay not longer to commence building our church
in Boston; or else return every dollar that you yourselves
declare you have had no legal authority for obtaining, to
the several contributors, - and let them, not you, say
what shall be done with their money.
   Of our first church in Boston, O recording angel!
write:  God is in the midst of her:  how beautiful are her

MISC 142

feet! how beautiful are her garments! how hath He enlarged
her borders! how hath He made her wildernesses
to bud and blossom as the rose!
                                        With love,
                                        Mary Baker Eddy

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