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   Beloved Brethren: - The spreading branches of The
Church of Christ, Scientist, are fast reaching out their
broad shelter to the entire world.  Your faith has not
been without works, - and God's love for His flock is
manifest in His care.  He will dig about this little church,
prune its encumbering branches, water it with the dews
of heaven, enrich its roots, and enlarge its borders with
divine Love.  God only waits for man's worthiness to
enhance the means and measure of His grace.  You
have already proof of the prosperity of His Zion.  You
sit beneath your own vine and fig-tree as the growth
of spirituality - even that vine whereof our Father is
   It is the purpose of divine Love to resurrect the understanding,
and the kingdom of God, the reign of harmony
already within us.  Through the word that is
spoken unto you, are you made free.  Abide in His word,
and it shall abide in you; and the healing Christ will
again be made manifest in the flesh - understood and
   Honor thy Father and Mother, God.  Continue in
His love.  Bring forth fruit - "signs following" - that
your prayers be not hindered.  Pray without ceasing.
Watch diligently; never desert the post of spiritual observation
and self-examination.  Strive for self-abnegation,
justice, meekness, mercy, purity, love.  Let your
light reflect Light.  Have no ambition, affection, nor
aim apart from holiness.  Forget not for a moment, that

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God is All-in-all - therefore, that in reality there is but
one cause and effect.
   The pride of circumstance or power is the prince of
this world that has nothing in Christ.  All power and
happiness are spiritual, and proceed from goodness.
Sacrifice self to bless one another, even as God has
blessed you.  Forget self in laboring for mankind; then
will you woo the weary wanderer to your door, win the
pilgrim and stranger to your church, and find access to
the heart of humanity.  While pressing meekly on, be
faithful, be valiant in the Christian's warfare, and peace
will crown your joy.
                                        Lovingly yours,
                                        Mary Baker Eddy

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