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   Beloved Christian Scientists: - Please send in your
contributions as usual to our Journal.  All is well at headquarters,
and when the mist shall melt away you will see
clearly the signs of Truth and the heaven of Love within
your hearts.  Let the reign of peace and harmony be
supreme and forever yours.
   I proposed to merge the adjourned meeting in the one
held at Chicago, because I saw no advantage, but great
disadvantage, in one student's opinions or modus operandi
becoming the basis for others:  read "Retrospection"
on this subject.  Science is absolute, and best understood
through the study of my works and the daily Christian
demonstration thereof.  It is their materiality that
clogs the progress of students, and "this kind goeth not
forth but by prayer and fasting."  It is materialism through
which the animal magnetizer preys, and in turn becomes
a prey.  Spirituality is the basis of all true thought and
volition.  Assembling themselves together, and listening
to each other amicably, or contentiously, is no aid to
students in acquiring solid Christian Science.  Experience
and, above all, obedience, are the aids and tests of
growth and understanding in this direction.
                                        With love,
                                        MARY B. G. EDDY

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