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   My Beloved Student: - In reply to your letter I will
say:  God's ways are not as our ways; but higher far
than the heavens above the earth is His wisdom above
ours.  When I requested you to be ordained, I little
thought of the changes about to be made.  When I insisted
on your speaking without notes, I little knew that
so soon another change in your pulpit would be demanded.
But now, after His messenger has obeyed the message
of divine Love, comes the interpretation thereof.  But you
see we both had first to obey, and to do this through faith,
not sight.
   The meaning of it all, as now shown, is this:  when
you were bidden to be ordained, it was in reward for your
faithful service, thus to honor it.  The second command,
to drop the use of notes, was to rebuke a lack of faith in
divine help, and to test your humility and obedience in
bearing this cross.
   All God's servants are minute men and women.  As
of old, I stand with sandals on and staff in hand, waiting
for the watchword and the revelation of what, how,
whither.  Let us be faithful and obedient, and God will
do the rest.
   In the April number of The Christian Science Journal
you will find the forthcoming completion (as I now think)
of the divine directions sent out to the churches.  It is
satisfactory to note, however, that the order therein given
corresponds to the example of our Master.  Jesus was
not ordained as our churches ordain ministers.  We
have no record that he used notes when preaching.  He

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spake in their synagogues, reading the Scriptures and
expounding them; and God has given to this age "Science
and Health with Key to the Scriptures," to elucidate
His Word.
   You may read this letter to your church, and then
send it to Rev. Mr. Norcross, and he will understand.
May the God of all grace give you peace.
                                        With love,
                                        Mary Baker Eddy

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