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of God, which has since ripened into interpretation
through Science.
   His words were articulated in the language of a declining
race, and committed to the providence of God.
In no one thing seemed he less human and more divine
than in his unfaltering faith in the immortality of Truth.
Referring to this, he said, "Heaven and earth shall
pass away, but my words shall not pass away!" and
they have not:  they still live; and are the basis of divine
liberty, the medium of Mind, the hope of the race.
   Only three years a personal Saviour! yet the foundations
he laid are as eternal as Truth, the chief
   After his brief brave struggle, and the crucifixion of
the corporeal man, the incorporeal Saviour - the Christ
or spiritual idea which leadeth into all Truth - must
needs come in Christian Science, demonstrating the spiritual
healing of body and mind.
   This idea or divine essence was, and is, forever about
the Father's business; heralding the Principle of health,
holiness, and immortality.

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   Its divine Principle interprets the incorporeal idea, or
Son of God; hence the incorporeal and corporeal are
distinguished thus:  the former is the spiritual idea that
represents divine good, and the latter is the human
presentation of goodness in man.  The Science of Christianity,
that has appeared in the ripeness of time, reveals
the incorporeal Christ; and this will continue
to be seen more clearly until it be acknowledged, understood,
- and the Saviour, which is Truth, be
   To the vision of the Wisemen, this spiritual idea of the
Principle of man or the universe, appeared as a star.  At
first, the babe Jesus seemed small to mortals; but from
the mount of revelation, the prophet beheld it from the
beginning as the Redeemer, who would present a wonderful
manifestation of Truth and Love.
   In our text Isaiah foretold, "His name shall be called
Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting
Father, The Prince of Peace."
   As the Wisemen grew in the understanding of Christ,
the spiritual idea, it grew in favor with them.  Thus it
will continue, as it shall become understood, until man
be found in the actual likeness of his Maker.  Their
highest human concept of the man Jesus, that portrayed
him as the only Son of God, the only begotten of the
Father, full of grace and Truth, will become so magnified
to human sense, by means of the lens of Science, as to
reveal man collectively, as individually, to be the son of
   The limited view of God's ideas arose from the testimony
of the senses.  Science affords the evidence that God is the
Father of man, of all that is real and eternal.  This spiritual

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idea that the personal Jesus demonstrated, casting
out evils and healing, more than eighteen centuries ago,
disappeared by degrees; both because of the ascension
of Jesus, in which it was seen that he had grown beyond
the human sense of him, and because of the corruption of
the Church.
   The last appearing of Truth will be a wholly spiritual
idea of God and of man, without the fetters of the flesh, or
corporeality.  This infinite idea of infinity will be, is, as
eternal as its divine Principle.  The daystar of this appearing
is the light of Christian Science - the Science which
rends the veil of the flesh from top to bottom.  The light
of this revelation leaves nothing that is material; neither
darkness, doubt, disease, nor death.  The material corporeality
disappears; and individual spirituality, perfect
and eternal, appears - never to disappear.
   The truth uttered and lived by Jesus, who passed on

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