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and left to mortals the rich legacy of what he said and
did, makes his followers the heirs to his example; but
they can neither appreciate nor appropriate his treasures
of Truth and Love, until lifted to these by their own
growth and experiences.  His goodness and grace purchased
the means of mortals' redemption from sin; but,
they never paid the price of sin.  This cost, none but the
sinner can pay; and accordingly as this account is settled
with divine Love, is the sinner ready to avail himself of
the rich blessings flowing from the teaching, example,
and suffering of our Master.
   The secret stores of wisdom must be discovered, their
treasures reproduced and given to the world, before man
can truthfully conclude that he has been found in the
order, mode, and virgin origin of man according to divine

MISC 166

Science, which alone demonstrates the divine Principle
and spiritual idea of being.
   The monument whose finger points upward, commemorates
the earthly life of a martyr; but this is not all of
the philanthropist, hero, and Christian.  The Truth he
has taught and spoken lives, and moves in our midst a
divine afflatus.  Thus it is that the ideal Christ - or
impersonal infancy, manhood, and womanhood of Truth
and Love - is still with us.
   And what of this child? - "For unto us a child is
born, unto us a son is given:  and the government shall
be upon his shoulder."
   This child, or spiritual idea, has evolved a more ready
ear for the overture of angels and the scientific understanding
of Truth and Love.  When Christ, the incorporeal
idea of God, was nameless, and a Mary knew not
how to declare its spiritual origin, the idea of man was
not understood.  The Judaean religion even required the
Virgin-mother to go to the temple and be purified, for
having given birth to the corporeal child Jesus, whose
origin was more spiritual than the senses could
interpret.  Like the leaven that a certain woman hid in three
measures of meal, the Science of God and the spiritual
idea, named in this century Christian Science, is leavening
the lump of human thought, until the whole shall
be leavened and all materialism disappear.  This action
of the divine energy, even if not acknowledged, has
come to be seen as diffusing richest blessings.  This
spiritual idea, or Christ, entered into the minutiae of the
life of the personal Jesus.  It made him an honest man,
a good carpenter, and a good man, before it could make
him the glorified.

MISC 167

   The material questions at this age on the reappearing
of the infantile thought of God's man, are after the manner
of a mother in the flesh, though their answers pertain
to the spiritual idea, as in Christian Science: -

   Is he deformed?
   He is wholly symmetrical; the one altogether lovely.

   Is the babe a son, or daughter?
   Both son and daughter:  even the compound idea of
all that resembles God.

   How much does he weigh?
   His substance outweighs the material world.

   How old is he?
   Of his days there is no beginning and no ending.

   What is his name?
   Christ Science.

   Who are his parents, brothers, and sisters?
   His Father and Mother are divine Life, Truth, and
Love; and they who do the will of his Father are his

   Is he heir to an estate?
   "The government shall be upon his shoulder!"  He
has dominion over the whole earth; and in admiration
of his origin, he exclaims, "I thank Thee, O Father, Lord

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