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   Text: Ye do err, not knowing the Scriptures, nor the power of
God. -  Matt. xxii. 29.

   The Christian Science Journal reported as follows: -
   The announcement that the Rev. Mary B. G. Eddy
would speak before the Scientist denomination on the
afternoon of October 26, drew a large audience.  Hawthorne
Hall was densely packed, and many had to go
away unable to obtain seats.  The distinguished speaker
began by saying: -

MISC 169

   Within Bible pages she had found all the divine Science
she preaches; noticing, all along the way of her researches
therein, that whenever her thoughts had wandered into
the bypaths of ancient philosophies or pagan literatures,
her spiritual insight had been darkened thereby, till
she was God-driven back to the inspired pages.  Early
training, through the misinterpretation of the Word,
had been the underlying cause of the long years of invalidism
she endured before Truth dawned upon her
understanding, through right interpretation.  With the
understanding of Scripture-meanings, had come physical
rejuvenation.  The uplifting of spirit was the upbuilding
of the body.
   She affirmed that the Scriptures cannot properly be
interpreted in a literal way.  The truths they teach must
be spiritually discerned, before their message can be
borne fully to our minds and hearts.  That there is a
dual meaning to every Biblical passage, the most eminent
divines of the world have concluded; and to get at the
highest, or metaphysical, it is necessary rightly to read
what the inspired writers left for our spiritual instruction.
The literal rendering of the Scriptures makes them nothing
valuable, but often is the foundation of unbelief and
hopelessness.  The metaphysical rendering is health and
peace and hope for all.  The literal or material reading is
the reading of the carnal mind, which is enmity toward
God, Spirit.
   Taking several Bible passages, Mrs. Eddy showed how
beautiful and inspiring are the thoughts when rightly
understood.  "Let the dead bury their dead; follow
thou me," was one of the passages explained
metaphysically.  In their fullest meaning, those words are salvation

MISC 170

from the belief of death, the last enemy to be overthrown;
for by following Christ truly, resurrection and life immortal
are brought to us.  If we follow him, to us there
can be no dead.  Those who know not this, may still
believe in death and weep over the graves of their beloved;
but with him is Life eternal, which never changes to
death.  The eating of bread and drinking of wine at the
Lord's supper, merely symbolize the spiritual refreshment
of God's children having rightly read His Word,
whose entrance into their understanding is healthful life.
This is the reality behind the symbol.
   So, also, she spoke of the hades, or hell of Scripture,
saying, that we make our own heavens and our own hells,
by right and wise, or wrong and foolish, conceptions of
God and our fellow-men.  Jesus interpreted all
spiritually:  "I have bread to eat that ye know not of," he
said.  The bread he ate, which was refreshment of divine
strength, we also may all partake of.
   The material record of the Bible, she said, is no more
important to our well-being than the history of Europe
and America; but the spiritual application bears upon
our eternal life.  The method of Jesus was purely metaphysical;
and no other method is Christian Science.  In
the passage recording Jesus' proceedings with the blind

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