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matter?  Have attraction and cohesion formed it?
But are these forces laws of matter, or laws of
   For matter to be matter, it must have been self-created.

MISC 174

Mind has no more power to evolve or to create matter
than has good to produce evil.  Matter is a misstatement
of Mind; it is a lie, claiming to talk and disclaim against
Truth; idolatry, having other gods; evil, having presence
and power over omnipotence!
   Let us have a clearing up of abstractions.  Let us
come into the presence of Him who removeth all iniquities,
and healeth all our diseases.  Let us attach our sense
of Science to what touches the religious sentiment within
man.  Let us open our affections to the Principle that
moves all in harmony, - from the falling of a sparrow
to the rolling of a world.  Above Arcturus and his sons,
broader than the solar system and higher than the atmosphere
of our planet, is the Science of mental
   What is the kingdom of heaven?  The abode of Spirit,
the realm of the real.  No matter is there, no night is
there - nothing that maketh or worketh a lie.  Is this
kingdom afar off?  No:  it is ever-present here.  The
first to declare against this kingdom is matter.  Shall
that be called heresy which pleads for Spirit - the All of
God, and His omnipresence?
   The kingdom of heaven is the reign of divine Science:
it is a mental state.  Jesus said it is within you, and
taught us to pray, "Thy kingdom come;" but he did
not teach us to pray for death whereby to gain heaven.
We do not look into darkness for light.  Death can never
usher in the dawn of Science that reveals the spiritual
facts of man's Life here and now.
   The leaven which a woman took and hid in three
measures of meal, is Divine Science; the Comforter;
the Holy Ghost that leadeth into all Truth; the "still,

MISC 175

small voice" that breathes His presence and power, casting
out error and healing the sick.  And woman, the
spiritual idea, takes of the things of God and showeth
them unto the creature, until the whole sense of being
is leavened with Spirit.  The three measures of meal
may well be likened to the false sense of life, substance,
and intelligence, which says, I am sustained by bread,
matter, instead of Mind.  The spiritual leaven of divine
Science changes this false sense, giving better views of
Life; saying, Man's Life is God; and when this shall
appear, it shall be "the substance of things hoped for."
   The measure of Life shall increase by every spiritual
touch, even as the leaven expands the loaf.  Man shall
keep the feast of Life, not with the old leaven of the
scribes and Pharisees, neither with "the leaven of malice
and wickedness; but the unleavened bread of sincerity
and truth."
   Thus it can be seen that the Science of mental healing
must be understood.  There are false Christs that would
"deceive, if it were possible, the very elect," by instituting
matter and its methods in place of God, Mind.  Their
supposition is, that there are other minds than His; that
one mind controls another; that one belief takes the
place of another.  But this ism of to-day has nothing
to do with the Science of mental healing which acquaints
us with God and reveals the one perfect Mind and His
   The attempt to mix matter and Mind, to work by
means of both animal magnetism and divine power, is
literally saying, Have we not in thy name cast out devils,
and done many wonderful works?
   But remember God in all thy ways, and thou shalt

MISC 176

find the truth that breaks the dream of sense, letting the

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