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but the possibility of all finding their place in God's great
love, the eternal heritage of the Elohim, His sons and
daughters.  The text is a metaphysical statement of existence
as Principle and idea, wherein man and his Maker
are inseparable and eternal.
   When the Word is made flesh, - that is, rendered
practical, - this eternal Truth will be understood; and
sickness, sin, and death will yield to it, even as they did
more than eighteen centuries ago.  The lusts of the flesh

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and the pride of life will then be quenched in the divine
Science of being; in the ever-present good, omnipotent
Love, and eternal Life, that know no death.  In the great
forever, the verities of being exist, and must be acknowledged
and demonstrated.  Man must love his neighbor
as himself, and the power of Truth must be seen and
felt in health, happiness, and holiness:  then it will be
found that Mind is All-in-all, and there is no matter to
cope with.
   Man is free born:  he is neither the slave of sense, nor a
silly ambler to the so-called pleasures and pains of self-conscious
matter.  Man is God's image and likeness;
whatever is possible to God, is possible to man as God's
reflection.  Through the transparency of Science we learn
this, and receive it:  learn that man can fulfil the Scriptures
in every instance; that if he open his mouth it shall
be filled - not by reason of the schools, or learning, but
by the natural ability, that reflection already has bestowed
on him, to give utterance to Truth.
   "Who hath believed our report?"  Who understands
these sayings?  He to whom the arm of the Lord is revealed;
to whom divine Science unfolds omnipotence,
that equips man with divine power while it shames human
pride.  Asserting a selfhood apart from God, is a denial
of man's spiritual sonship; for it claims another father.
As many as do receive a knowledge of God through
Science, will have power to reflect His power, in proof of
man's "dominion over all the earth."  He is bravely
brave who dares at this date refute the evidence of material
sense with the facts of Science, and will arrive at the true
status of man because of it.  The material senses would
make man, that the Scriptures declare reflects his Maker,

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the very opposite of that Maker, by claiming that God is
Spirit, while man is matter; that God is good, but man is
evil; that Deity is deathless, but man dies.  Science and
sense conflict, from the revolving of worlds to the death
of a sparrow.
   The Word will be made flesh and dwell among mortals,
only when man reflects God in body as well as in mind.
The child born of a woman has the formation of his
parents; the man born of Spirit is spiritual, not material.
Paul refers to this when speaking of presenting our bodies
holy and acceptable, which is our reasonable service;
and this brings to remembrance the Hebrew strain,
"Who healeth all thy diseases."
   If man should say of the power to be perfect which he
possesses, "I am the power," he would trespass upon
divine Science, yield to material sense, and lose his power;
even as when saying, "I have the power to sin and be
sick," and persisting in believing that he is sick and a
sinner.  If he says, "I am of God, therefore good," yet
persists in evil, he has denied the power of Truth, and
must suffer for this error until he learns that all power is
good because it is of God, and so destroys his self-deceived
sense of power in evil.  The Science of being gives
back the lost likeness and power of God as the seal of
man's adoption.  Oh, for that light and love ineffable,

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