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undoubtedly refers to the last Adam represented by the
Messias, whose demonstration of God restored to mortals
the lost sense of man's perfection, even the sense of the
real man in God's likeness, who restored this sense by

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the spiritual regeneration of both mind and body, -
casting out evils, healing the sick, and raising the dead.
The man Jesus demonstrated over sin, sickness, disease,
and death.  The great Metaphysician wrought, over and
above every sense of matter, into the proper sense of the
possibilities of Spirit.  He established health and harmony,
the perfection of mind and body, as the reality of
man; while discord, as seen in disease and death, was to
him the opposite of man, hence the unreality; even as in
Science a chord is manifestly the reality of music, and
discord the unreality.  This rule of harmony must be accepted
as true relative to man.
   The translators of the older Scriptures presuppose a
material man to be the first man, solely because their
transcribing thoughts were not lifted to the inspired sense
of the spiritual man, as set forth in original Holy Writ.
Had both writers and translators in that age fully comprehended
the later teachings and demonstrations of
our human and divine Master, the Old Testament might
have been as spiritual as the New.
   The origin, substance, and life of man are one, and
that one is God, - Life, Truth, Love.  The self-existent,
perfect, and eternal are God; and man is their reflection
and glory.  Did the substance of God, Spirit, become a
clod, in order to create a sick, sinning, dying man?  The
primal facts of being are eternal; they are never extinguished
in a night of discord.
   That man must be evil before he can be good; dying,
before deathless; material, before spiritual; sick and a
sinner in order to be healed and saved, is but the declaration
of the material senses transcribed by pagan religionists,
by wicked mortals such as crucified our Master, -

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whose teachings opposed the doctrines of Christ that
demonstrated the opposite, Truth.
   Man is as perfect now, and henceforth, and forever,
as when the stars first sang together, and creation joined
in the grand chorus of harmonious being.  It is the translator,
not the original Word, who presents as being first
that which appears second, material, and mortal; and
as last, that which is primal, spiritual, and eternal.  Because
of human misstatement and misconception of God
and man, of the divine Principle and idea of being, there
seems to be a war between the flesh and Spirit, a contest
between Truth and error; but the apostle says, "There
is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in
Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the
   On our subject, St. Paul first reasons upon the basis
of what is seen, the effects of Truth on the material senses;
thence, up to the unseen, the testimony of spiritual sense;
and right there he leaves the subject.
   Just there, in the intermediate line of thought, is where
the present writer found it, when she discovered Christian
Science.  And she has not left it, but continues the explanation
of the power of Spirit up to its infinite meaning,
its allness.  The recognition of this power came to her
through a spiritual sense of the real, and of the unreal
or mortal sense of things; not that there is, or can
be, an actual change in the realities of being, but
that we can discern more of them.  At the moment
of her discovery, she knew that the last Adam, namely,
the true likeness of God, was the first, the only man.
This knowledge did become to her "a quickening

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