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is held back by reason of the lack of understanding.  Both
the spirit and the letter are requisite; and having these,
every one can prove, in some degree, the validity of those
words of the great Master, "For the Son of man is come
to save that which was lost."
   It has been said that the New Testament does not authorize
us to expect the ministry of healing at this period.
   We ask what is the authority for such a conclusion,
the premises whereof are not to be found in the Scriptures.
The Master's divine logic, as seen in our text, contradicts
this inference, - these are his words: "He that believeth
on me, the works that I do shall he do also."  That perfect
syllogism of Jesus has but one correct premise and
conclusion, and it cannot fall to the ground beneath the
stroke of unskilled swordsmen.  He who never unsheathed
his blade to try the edge of truth in Christian Science, is
unequal to the conflict, and unfit to judge in the case;
the shepherd's sling would slay this Goliath.  I once believed
that the practice and teachings of Jesus relative to
healing the sick, were spiritual abstractions, impractical
and impossible to us; but deed, not creed, and practice
more than theory, have given me a higher sense of
   The "I" will go to the Father when meekness, purity,
and love, informed by divine Science, the Comforter,

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lead to the one God:  then the ego is found not in
matter but in Mind, for there is but one God, one
Mind; and man will then claim no mind apart from God.
Idolatry, the supposition of the existence of many minds
and more than one God, has repeated itself in all manner
of subtleties through the entire centuries, saying as in
the beginning, "Believe in me, and I will make you as
gods;" that is, I will give you a separate mind from God
(good), named evil; and this so-called mind shall open
your eyes and make you know evil, and thus become
material, sensual, evil.  But bear in mind that a serpent
said that; therefore that saying came not from Mind,
good, or Truth.  God was not the author of it; hence the
words of our Master: "He is a liar, and the father of it;"
also, the character of the votaries to "other gods" which
sprung from it.
   The sweet, sacred sense and permanence of man's
unity with his Maker, in Science, illumines our present
existence with the ever-presence and power of God, good.
It opens wide the portals of salvation from sin, sickness,
and death.  When the Life that is God, good, shall appear,
"we shall be like Him;" we shall do the works of
Christ, and, in the words of David, "the stone which the
builders refused is become the head stone of the corner,"
because the "I" does go unto the Father, the ego does
arise to spiritual recognition of being, and is exalted, -
not through death, but Life, God understood.

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved. -
Acts xvi. 31.

   The Scriptures require more than a simple admission
and feeble acceptance of the truths they present; they

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require a living faith, that so incorporates their lessons
into our lives that these truths become the motive-power
of every act.
   Our chosen text is one more frequently used than
many others, perhaps, to exhort people to turn from sin
and to strive after holiness; but we fear the full import
of this text is not yet recognized.  It means a full salvation,
- man saved from sin, sickness, and death; for,
unless this be so, no man can be wholly fitted for heaven
in the way which Jesus marked out and bade his followers
   In order to comprehend the meaning of the text, let

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