Miscellaneous Writings (1883-1896) by Mary Baker Eddy
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they were so many proofs that he had wrought the problem
of being beyond the common apprehension of sinners;
he took pleasure in "necessities," for they tested and developed
latent power.
   We protect our dwellings more securely after a robbery,
and our jewels have been stolen; so, after losing those
jewels of character, - temperance, virtue, and truth, -
the young man is awakened to bar his door against further
   Go to the bedside of pain, and there you can demonstrate
the triumph of good that has pleasure in infirmities;
because it illustrates through the flesh the divine power

MISC 202

of Spirit, and reaches the basis of all supposed miracles;
whereby the sweet harmonies of Christian Science are
found to correct the discords of sense, and to lift man's
being into the sunlight of Soul.

      "The chamber where the good man meets his fate
      Is privileged beyond the walks of common life,
        Quite on the verge of heaven."

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