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   This is the law of Truth to error, "Thou shalt surely
die."  This law is a divine energy.  Mortals cannot
prevent the fulfilment of this law; it covers all sin and
its effects.  God is All, and by virtue of this nature and
allness He is cognizant only of good.  Like a legislative
bill that governs millions of mortals whom the legislators
know not, the universal law of God has no knowledge
of evil, and enters unconsciously the human heart and
governs it.
   Mortals have only to submit to the law of God, come
into sympathy with it, and to let His will be done.  This
unbroken motion of the law of divine Love gives, to the
weary and heavy-laden, rest.  But who is willing to do
His will or to let it be done?  Mortals obey their own
wills, and so disobey the divine order.
   All states and stages of human error are met and
mastered by divine Truth's negativing error in the way
of God's appointing.  Those "whom the Lord loveth He
chasteneth."  His rod brings to view His love, and interprets
to mortals the gospel of healing.  David said, "Before
I was afflicted I went astray:  but now have I
kept Thy word."  He who knows the end from the beginning,

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attaches to sin due penalties as its antidotes and
   Who art thou, vain mortal, that usurpest the prerogative
of divine wisdom, and wouldst teach God not to punish
sin? that wouldst shut the mouth of His prophets,
and cry, "Peace, peace; when there is no peace," - yea,
that healest the wounds of my people slightly?
   The Principle of divine Science being Love, the divine
rule of this Principle demonstrates Love, and proves that
human belief fulfils the law of belief, and dies of its own
physics.  Metaphysics also demonstrates this Principle of
cure when sin is self-destroyed.  Short-sighted physics
admits the so-called pains of matter that destroy its more
dangerous pleasures.
   Insomnia compels mortals to learn that neither oblivion
nor dreams can recuperate the life of man, whose
Life is God, for God neither slumbers nor sleeps.  The
loss of gustatory enjoyment and the ills of indigestion
tend to rebuke appetite and destroy the peace of a false
sense.  False pleasure will be, is, chastened; it has no
right to be at peace.  To suffer for having "other gods
before me," is divinely wise.  Evil passions die in their
own flames, but are punished before extinguished.  Peace
has no foothold on the false basis that evil should be
concealed and that life and happiness should still attend
it.  Joy is self-sustained; goodness and blessedness are
one:  suffering is self-inflicted, and good is the master of
   To this scientific logic and the logic of events, egotism
and false charity say, "'Not so, Lord;' it is wise to
cover iniquity and punish it not, then shall mortals have
peace."  Divine Love, as unconscious as incapable of

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error, pursues the evil that hideth itself, strips off its
disguises, and - behold the result:  evil, uncovered, is
   Christian Science never healed a patient without proving
with mathematical certainty that error, when found
out, is two-thirds destroyed, and the remaining third
kills itself.  Do men whine over a nest of serpents, and
post around it placards warning people not to stir up
these reptiles because they have stings?  Christ said,
"They shall take up serpents;" and, "Be ye therefore
wise as serpents and harmless as doves."  The wisdom

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