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under the reign of difficulties, darkness, and unrequited
   The currents of human nature rush in against the right
course; health, happiness, and life flow not into one of
their channels.  The law of Love saith, "Not my will,
but Thine, be done," and Christian Science proves that
human will is lost in the divine; and Love, the white
Christ, is the remunerator.
   If, consciously or unconsciously, one is at work in a
wrong direction, who will step forward and open his
eyes to see this error?  He who is a Christian Scientist,
who has cast the beam out of his own eye, speaks plainly
to the offender and tries to show his errors to him before
letting another know it.
   Pitying friends took down from the cross the fainting
form of Jesus, and buried it out of their sight.  His disciples,
who had not yet drunk of his cup, lost sight of

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him; they could not behold his immortal being in the
form of Godlikeness.
   All that I have written, taught, or lived, that is good,
flowed through cross-bearing, self-forgetfulness, and my
faith in the right.  Suffering or Science, or both, in the
proportion that their instructions are assimilated, will
point the way, shorten the process, and consummate the
joys of acquiescence in the methods of divine Love.  The
Scripture saith, "He that covereth his sins shall not
prosper."  No risk is so stupendous as to neglect opportunities
which God giveth, and not to forewarn and forearm
our fellow-mortals against the evil which, if seen, can
be destroyed.
   May my friends and my enemies so profit by these
waymarks, that what has chastened and illumined
another's way may perfect their own lives by gentle
benedictions.  In every age, the pioneer reformer must
pass through a baptism of fire.  But the faithful adherents
of Truth have gone on rejoicing.  Christian Science
gives a fearless wing and firm foundation.  These are
its inspiring tones from the lips of our Master, "My
sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow
me:  and I give unto them eternal life; and they shall
never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of
my hand."  He is but "an hireling" who fleeth when he
seeth the wolf coming.
   Loyal Christian Scientists, be of good cheer:  the night
is far spent, the day dawns; God's universal kingdom
will appear, Love will reign in every heart, and His will
be done on earth as in heaven.

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