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   While Jesus' life was full of Love, and a demonstration
of Love, it appeared hate to the carnal mind, or
mortal thought, of his time.  He said, "Think not that
I am come to send peace on earth:  I came not to send
peace, but a sword.  For I am come to set a man at
variance against his father, and the daughter against her
mother, and the daughter-in-law against her
mother-in-law.  And a man's foes shall be they of his own
   This action of Jesus was stimulated by the same Love
that closed - to the senses - that wondrous life, and
that summed up its demonstration in the command,
"Put up thy sword."  The very conflict his Truth brought,
in accomplishing its purpose of Love, meant, all
the way through, "Put up thy sword;" but the sword
must have been drawn before it could be returned into
the scabbard.
   My students need to search the Scriptures and "Science
and Health with Key to the Scriptures," to understand
the personal Jesus' labor in the flesh for their salvation:
they need to do this even to understand my works, their
motives, aims, and tendency.
   The attitude of mortal mind in being healed morally,
is the same as its attitude physically.  The Christian
Scientist cannot heal the sick, and take error along with
Truth, either in the recognition or approbation of it.
This would prevent the possibility of destroying the
tares:  they must be separated from the wheat before
they can be burned, and Jesus foretold the harvest hour

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and the final destruction of error through this very process,
- the sifting and the fire.  The tendency of mortal
mind is to go from one extreme to another:  Truth comes
into the intermediate space, saying, "I wound to heal;
I punish to reform; I do it all in love; my peace I leave
with thee:  not as the world giveth, give I unto thee.
Arise, let us go hence; let us depart from the material
sense of God's ways and means, and gain a spiritual
understanding of them."
   But let us not seek to climb up some other way, as we
shall do if we take the end for the beginning or start
from wrong motives.  Christian Science demands order
and truth.  To abide by these we must first understand
the Principle and object of our work, and be clear that
it is Love, peace, and good will toward men.  Then we
shall demonstrate the Principle in the way of His appointment,
and not according to the infantile conception
of our way; as when a child in sleep walks on the
summit of the roof of the house because he is a somnambulist,
and thinks he is where he is not, and would
fall immediately if he knew where he was and what he
was doing.
   My students are at the beginning of their demonstration;
they have a long warfare with error in themselves
and in others to finish, and they must at this stage use
the sword of Spirit.
   They cannot in the beginning take the attitude, nor
adopt the words, that Jesus used at the end of his
   If you would follow in his footsteps, you must not try
to gather the harvest while the corn is in the blade, nor
yet when it is in the ear; a wise spiritual discernment

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must be used in your application of his words and inference
from his acts, to guide your own state of combat
with error.  There remaineth, it is true, a Sabbath rest
for the people of God; but we must first have done our
work, and entered into our rest, as the Scriptures give

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