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senses whence to reason out God, when it is conceded
that the five personal senses can take no cognizance of
Spirit or of its phenomena.  False realistic views sap the
Science of Principle and idea; they make Deity unreal
and inconceivable, either as mind or matter; but Truth
comes to the rescue of reason and immortality, and unfolds
the real nature of God and the universe to the spiritual
sense, which beareth witness of things spiritual, and
not material.
   To begin with, the notion of Spirit as cause and end,
with matter as its effect, is more ridiculous than the "grin
without a cat;" for a grin expresses the nature of a cat,
and this nature may linger in memory:  but matter does
not express the nature of Spirit, and matter's graven
grins are neither eliminated nor retained by Spirit.  What
can illustrate Dr.  -  - 's views better than Pat's echo,
when he said "How do you do?" and echo answered,
"Pretty well, I thank you!"
   Dr.  -  -  says: "The recognition of teleology in nature
is necessarily the recognition of purely spiritual personality
in God."

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   According to lexicography, teleology is the science of
the final cause of things; and divine Science (and all
Science is divine) neither reveals God in matter, cause
in effect, nor teaches that nature and her laws are the
material universe, or that the personality of infinite Spirit
is finite or material.  Jesus said, "Ye do err, not knowing
the Scriptures, nor the power of God."  Now, what
saith the Scripture?  "God is a Spirit:  and they that
worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in

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